Monday, March 30, 2015

ain't nobody got time for that

If you know me well this will not surprise you at all, if you only know me through blogs and Facebook this may or may not surprise you. I am a very quiet person, I do not like crowds, loud noises or loud people. I am, for the most part, shy. If I get to know you I will open up and have been told, on many occasions, I am very very funny. If we become friends consider yourself incredibly special as I hold my friends extremely close to my heart and only a few ever make the cut. I can count my true friends on one hand. I can tell within seconds of meeting you if we will be friends. I am not a snob or a bitch, I am an introvert. As a kid I was painfully shy and being that everyone in town knew who I was, it made me so very uncomfortable on an hourly basis as there was/is no room for rudeness in my family and everyone had to be spoken to.

I have little room for fakeness in my life and I truly despise show offs.

Really, I am not a bitch. I am a straight shooter and there is where the problem lies. I cannot pretend, I have never found an arse worthy of kissing, never. I cannot lie and I cannot schmooze. I have to stay away for the simple reason that if I should try and lie and pretend, my facial expressions do not play along. I have never been impressed by celebrities, true heroes are the every day people.

This last week has been filled to the max with hateful people and I am done. The back stabbers of the world must have been on a convention as they are rampant. I think know, I am an excellent judge of character and I can spot fake a mile away.

At the pool there are cliques. Seriously, grown ups have cliques, who knew? Well they do and I find it as annoying as all hell. I do not fit into these cliques because frankly I don't have time for petty mindedness. I am not a bitch, I am keeping it real. But push me one inch to far and I will give you 50 shades of bitch and you will wonder what the heck happened. And mess with my kids and I will go plain old, bat sh*t crazy.  Both of these happened this week.

I stewed, I suffered, I tried to move forward and pretend it was ok but it wasn't and after 2 sleepless nights I confronted the person. Actually confronted is too harsh of a word, I addressed.

I think if we are honest we all take meanness personally. No one likes to get knocked off guard by a harsh rude comment or action. In the last 24 hours I have been told to, let it go and not take it personally. That didn't work and I needed to address it. Instead of stewing, being hurt and pissed off I picked up the phone and sent a text.

I didn't get a response at first, I didn't expect too. I also didn't expect to hear any truth from the person just fake surprise and I was correct. When she finally rang back I answered my phone to a very giggley, sing songy voice. The person on the other end was clueless about the situation. I turned it around on me so as not to point any fingers and the person was utterly perplexed but promised to keep their nose to the ground and report back if she heard anything.

Utter Nonsense.

But I feel better, I addressed the situation. The nasty person is now aware that I know about her little games and that I am on to her. I wasn't nasty I made all sorts of point swithout accusations so hopefully she will think twice before being mean again.

Jeezus, when do nasty girls stop playing little games? She is in her 40's?

Urghh. I am done with mean and nasty people. Why can't we just be nice.


  1. Some people just never grow up & play those stupid kid games all their lives. What a great world it would be if people would check with their brains once in a while.
    Have a wonderful week:)

  2. Oh yes - there are definite cliques for grown arse women and it is ridiculous. I see it a lot of it in my neighborhood and at school. I am an introvert too - trying to put on a good extroverted face. My happiest times are when I am with my closest friends and family or if I am by myself. I don't like nasty people - and now that I am in my 40's, I don't put up with it like I used to. Ain't got time for that. Glad you addressed your situation. Hope it all works out.

  3. I can REALLY IDENTIFY with this, Dawn!!! There is a clique at work, and I am sick of it. I can hardly believe that grown women choose to be exclusive and mean. Any pushback from me is perceived as being out of line, because I guess I should know my place. Well, my place is standing up for what's right, professional, and best for kids. Introverts unite!

  4. What Valerie said. Ditto. I am a lot like you. Introverts have a hard time, but quiet and shy doesn't equate to stupid. As for the straight shooting, that's why I think we hit it off - we are a lot alike (except I don't have the artsy crafty or do it yourself gene, just the fat one). ;)