Saturday, March 21, 2015

how to break your sewing machine

My streak of creativity got cut short, chopped down in it's prime so to speak.

I was on Pinterest a few, whenevers, ago and I saw some pillows and instantly thought, hmmm, I can do that. So I did and I made some for me and sewed them by hand which was exactly the look I was going for. Then I decided to add to the creativity and step it up a notch or two and it involved sewing with my machine.

Everything went fabulously and I made these.

Flowers are cute and all but I am a heart girl. I just love hearts. So I nipped off to the shop and came back with hearts galore. I planned on buying felt squares but Hobby Lobby had a bag of pre -cut hearts. SCORE.

Sounds perfect doesn't it and it would have been had they not been sticky hearts. They were peel and stick. Hmpf.  But I peeled, stuck and started sewing. andbrokemymachine.

I realised right off the bat that it was hard going but I am not one to quit to I thought my machine shouldn't either. It clanged and at one point banged then it's foot fell off.

Right off, like snap and it's foot was just laying there.

All a bit nasty and tragic really.  As I tried to pull the fabric out it was stuck, seriously stuck. There were about 30 threads coming up from the bottom and it took me 10-ish minutes to free my sewing from it's jaws. The bobbin casing thing was tied in to the machine with a plethora of little pink threads. And everything was sticky and gummed up from the adhesive on the hearts. Sigh. The adhesive was everywhere and everything was sticky and not just a little bit but thick and claggy sticky.

As I unwound all the threads I had to unlatch the housing and as I pulled a thread the whole doohickey fell out and landed on the table and I had no idea how to put it back together. NONE.

So there it was. RIP little Brother.
Cause of Death: dead from thread.

I was furious.

I was sad.

I jumped into fix it mode and gawd knows how but I fixed it.

So I am still happily sewing cushion covers.

I"ll be back with more soon.


  1. I knew halfway down that you would find a way to fix the sewing machine! Nice pillows!

  2. Love, love, love the heart pillows. Never, never, never sew sticky stuff with sewing machine!! Been there!! Done that!! Not fun trying to clean up mess:(