Monday, March 23, 2015

nice to meet you~ finally

When I started blogging back in 2006 there was a group of us who all became very friendly. There were blogger bashes and the like and countless trips to meet up with families that you didn't know in person but knew really really well because of their blog. We all said the same thing, in order to adopt from China we have to be checked inside, outside and upside down from every law enforcement agency there is, so driving four hours to meet for lunch was fine. These people had to be nice.

One of the people I always wanted to meet was Robin. She and her hubby adopted a little heart baby and as I watched their story begin I realised, that to me, heart defects were not scary and it was something I could handle. Maddy just proved that it could be OK and the idea of Rosie was planted. When someone has such a  profound impact on your life you need to meet them.

Fast forward 7+ years and this happened:

We met.

Robin and Marty graciously took us out boating.
3 peas in a pod
boat snacks
Lily loved it
Mummy and Daughter
Once at our own private beach Maddy built a sandman
When there is no snow you make sandmen
Lily hunted for crabs
and then, once the girls were very comfortable, water guns came out 
They meant business. We stayed out for a long time and it was wonderful
pooped, all three were sleeping. Scroll back to the very first photo. 
The boat ride was simply amazing. When I'm on a boat all stress disappears. It has a way of just forcing me into the now. And the "now" was so so lovely.

We came across a pod of dolphins and then another and another. But trying to get a photo of them was so hard.

Believe me, these are dolphins.

Some of the other sights that washed all my cares away, well the sights and the fabulous company.
Poor old bird looks like he has gone 9 rounds with Mike Tyson
I loved this little bridge house
Lion Heart
Nothing. no people, no boats, NOTHING. would never happen here
Marty was elusive for photos, not on purpose I'm sure but here is proof he was there.
When the younger girls had had their fill they asked to go back to the house and swim in the pool. Their wish was granted. We all had pizza and had to head home shortly after that but not before some group pictures.
Hah, we are all colour coordinated 
And so we met.
Yesterday. But not for the last time.
Before we left Rosie piped up, can we get together again please, yep, Rosie asked this. Rosie who never wants to be with anyone other than me. Oh and they have the sweetest little dog. Me, who doesn't do that whole dog thing, thought Biebs was the cutest little girl. We had a 2.5 hour journey home which isn't bad but it was on one ghastly road. I hoped the girls would stay awake to keep my company but, no. Lily was asleep in 5 minutes and Rosie was watching a film. I could have taken a major highway home but police tend to disapprove of speeding on it. LOL Thank you, Robin, Marty and Maddy, we had a really lovely day and cannot wait to do it again


  1. How much fun that must have been to meet a fellow blogger! It looks like a fab day was had by all!

    PS. Why do your girls look so grown up in those last couple of pics???

  2. Looks like you had a lovely day.

  3. I love that you finally got to meet!! And that Rosie wants to do it again! :)