Sunday, March 15, 2015

creativity and stuff

I don't know where it comes from, this creativity, that has suddenly bubbled to the forefront of my brain. I don't think I have always been this way. Perhaps it isn't creativity as much as a love for DIY. Whatever it is, it is here and is not going anywhere anytime soon.

It is no secret that I like things in order. All things, all the time. I get really crazy if there is a mess or if something doesn't have a home. The more the girls swam the more ribbons and medals they accumulated and they would get put in a drawer or their closets. They worked hard for these achievements and hiding them away seemed wrong. I searched the web for a way to display them but it seems runners and gymnasts get all the medal boards and bling boards created for them so I decided to make my own.

When I first started I used to use reclaimed wood but now, since I sell them I use new wood as I am guaranteed that it is free of anything nasty. We have a lot of nasty down here that can love in wood.

This was one of the first i made and is Rosies.
A slightly different look to this one. I antiqued it with red paint.
A favourite saying of all young swimmers

On the back of all the boards are hooks to mount them on the wall with.

So if you, or anyone you know is looking for a medal board please send them this way. I will do any sport in any colour for $22.50 plus postage.