Friday, February 13, 2015

on this day

Seven years ago today we were up very very early and headed out to  Miami International Airport ready to start another life changing trip. In tow was one very very excited 5 yr old.

Out flight from Miami to Chicago was meant to leave at 6, we boarded the plane and their we sat for an hour until that flight was put out of service. WAHHH. Due to the long delay we would have missed our connection in Chicago for Shanghai so we were in a spot of bother. I spoke to the airline employee, even though the other adult in the household worked for that airline, he was way to stressed to deal with it so I got everything back on track and we headed home again, a little deflated.

Twelve hours later we headed back to the airport and boarded a plane for Paris. Not the most direct route to China but one that I truly recommend as all the flights are so much shorter.

Finally we were on our way to this little person.

This photo reminded me of something: in all the photos we had and in the videos we received we never saw Rosies fist open on one hand and were not sure if it was stuck in a fist.

and after many, many hours of travelling the other one looked a little beat.

Are we there yet?
Join me again in a couple of days as I revisit Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou.


  1. I remember this like it was yesterday. Lily's face is a prize!

    PS Please explain "Dome Ewing"? My guess would be something to do with female sheep in igloos????

  2. I remember following along on your blog when you went to meet Rosie! She was soooo adorable!