Thursday, January 29, 2015

a glimpse

I have finished painting. I do have a little bit more work to do on the trim but the big stuff is done.

OMG, I love it. I hadn't realised how dark and dreary the house was but my life was dreary so it all just blended. I'm not even sure which room I like the best but I know one thing for sure I will be showing them all off. Right now the dining room is a catch all for my purged but not yet removed from the house crap, so you won't be seeing it.

I don't take before pictures. Most of the time I suddenly just decided to do something and it isn't even planned so I don't think of it in, before and after, terms. and the other reason is, I like to move forward and look forward, not backwards. I have been scouring my blog looking for some good before photos but there aren't any. I realised that I hated the way the house looked so I would pull the subject matter in close so as not to include a lot of background. But now, things are different, Oh yes, very different.

the beige colour in the entrance and heading upstairs
The Old People green
More old person green.
These aren't very good before photos as i have already started work but you can at least see the colour. This is the new colour and it is EVERYWHERE, even upstairs. One stop paint shopping. This is the colour.


We love it
The wooden sign was a gift from my seester 
I love hearts and found these irresistible 
The girls made these as a Valentines craft but I love them and think I will mount them to some wood and leave them up.
As soon as I knew my divorce was going to happen I started buying and hiding little bits for the house. I have had a great time uncovering all the new things that I have collected for 2 years. Most of what I did came from different rooms in the house and was re-purposed for use here. I used a lot of spray paint and creativity to make it work on my new single status. The cushions covers are $4 ones from Ikea. They didn't have the colours I wanted so I bought felt for 99c and made them the ones I wanted. The little glass hearts were Christmas ornaments, not now! The tiny shelf was in my closet for 18 months since my sista from another Mista left.

Spray paint is my best friend.

I was shopping at Aldi months and months ago and I spotted the clock. I have been eyeing the big clocks but they were not something I would spend that kind of money on. This one was a bargain.

Now when I open the front door I am so happy to be home.

Next up, my room.


  1. Nice job,,,,,,,,,grey is the new neutral & I love it. Just what you needed to begin this new phase in your life!
    Can't wait to see the rest

  2. I love the colour and the rug. You got on with it all so fast, well done. Can't wait to come and see it!

  3. Everything looks so fresh! Perfect for your fresh start. :)

  4. It looks amazing!!! It fits you perfectly! What a wonderful way to begin your new life. :)

  5. It looks awesome so much brighter, you have an amazing crafting talent the hearts you and the girls made WOW

  6. glad you have a happy home.col.xxxxx

  7. I wish I could afford to hire you to come decorate my house. Seriously, you have a gift. I love the new look!