Tuesday, January 27, 2015

slam, went the door

For the first time this weekend I was alone. The girlies went to their dads. GULP.

I stayed super busy with painting and decorating. I was up at 5 on Sunday morning and got to work. By 9am I went outside to spray paint something and closed the screen door behind me without looking, only it wasn't the screen door it was the slider and it was locked and that was that!

I walked to the front of the house to see if any windows were open but the only ones that were were locked at about 4 inches. Damn. Upstairs were open, wide wide open but how was I going to get up there, a trampoline maybe. My friend CF has my keys but she was in Philly for the weekend. I could have walked over to her house to get them but her keys were in my house, locked in.

I had no choice but to call the ex but first I needed to figure out which neighbour to ask. That was answered for me when the lady down the street came home from the gym so I used her phone. Urgh. My first weekend alone and I had screwed up and he was going to know about it and be all judgey. Crap. He said he had just fed the girls so he would leave them there and bring the key. Hah, I knew there was no way the girls would miss saying hi and I was right. His car had barely stopped and they both flew out and jumped on me. Warmed my mummy heart.

House was unlocked he came in and looked to see how I had managed to locked myself out and and then they left. Rosie called me 26 times on Sunday. 26 times people. Many of those times she was in tears but one time when I answered this teeny tiny whipering voice said:

Mama, could you lock yourself out again?

I laughed, out loud. I said that would be a very bad idea and that I would see her tomorrow.

I have now taken care of the key situation. I wont be getting locked out again.

I will be dealing with the new front door very soon cos as it turns out "he" has more keys to this house than me. yes really!

I'm nearly done with the painting. i'll be back latwer this week with photos and a post. thanks for you patience. Oh and I found some more things in a trash pile.


  1. Oh my! Been there done that!!!! More times than I want to count. Having to call the ex...not good! Except that your girls came to make sure you were okay. So sweet how Rosie worries about you. Hurry up...I'm dying to see what you are working on.

  2. Don't fret, who cares what he thinks. I agree, it's time to change the locks and make sure your friend gets a copy of your keys!

  3. Change your locks. Glad he was able to let you in but he doesn't need your key. Can't wait to see your home projects going on. Enjoy.

  4. Lmao would that be the lock you installed a few days ago? I'm sure the house looks amazing and remember one persons trash is another persons treasure

  5. In one way, scary that he has keys to your house and in another I guess it is good he has keys.