Sunday, February 1, 2015

interrupting decorating for a special post

Shh, don't tell my heart but on Tuesday Rosie will turn 8. EIGHT.   crap. But for right now she is still 7, phew. But since she has this birthday thing going on this week, we celebrated.

I wanted to take her to a show, or the theatre or some sort of performance but nothing is going on right now suitable for 8,  eight yr olds, her age. Then I had this hair brained idea that we would drive up to the Safari Park. We have one of the best in the world about 45 minutes from the Daddios house and we have all gone many times but I thought we should try this one.

It's lame, really really lame. Disappointingly lame.

 You drive though the animals in a safari park but here some of the animals are in enclosures and you stare at them from a distance?? I asked why and was told, because so many people were getting out of their cars to take photos. Seriously, in a lion enclosure, WTF were they brain dead.

I took the kids father with us, (my sister and I are working on a name to call him, for blogging purposes,  from this point on) and I did threaten to dump him out in the lions if he didn't up the happy, the energy and the cheerful and leave the cranky at home but I didn't mean it. ....well not so much.

It was a sorry excuse for a safari park but we had a great time. I told Rosie she got to call the shots and she did.
Only Ro could get on to the lion backwards
little monkey
I was the driver today and the photographer. Since you have to keep your windows tightly shut the pictures were all taken through the car windows, the DIRTY car windows. Note to self: wash the car before doing this again. Next note to self: we won't be doing it again,  it was lame.

this lions face reminded me of my ex-MIL..
Lion, in an enclosure and looking very underweight.
One of these. There were lots of these. Lots and lots
the face only a mother can love
Chimps, always fun
my faves.
I love giraffes and so does Rosie, but Rosie only from a distance. We didn't know this until we went to feed them. Hah, buck buck chicken hid behind me!!! The girls favourite part of the safari park was the amusement park and petting zoo.'s the best
My big big girl
so happy
goats, always a big hit
llama llama red pajama
The highlight of the day for me was being this close to the giraffes.
Lily didn't want to feed them but as you can see she changed her mind
that face
Mama and baby
and now I will eat your head...and he tried.
On the way out we spotted this little fella
She smiled all day and just had such a good time.
I bought a birthday cake for today and asked the dad to come back and celebrate with us.
Happy almost birthday my love.
I'm so glad you enjoyed your special day.


  1. Can you believe she will be 8!!! LiLi will be 8 on friday & I can't wrap my head around it...where did the time go? The pics show how much Rosie enjoyed her day....those giraffes....I love them! Lily is changing so much. The way she holds her's almost regal....she is royalty!!!!

  2. LOL! We used to have Lion Country Safari here in Irvine! I loved it when I was a kid. It probably closed because of the liability. I remember that once a hippo escaped and was roaming around Irvine. Her name was Bubbles. Well, I'm sorry your experience was lame. Happy birthday, Rosie! :)

  3. Aww her smiles make my heart happy. By the way, I like Oscar the Grouch as a nickname. LOL

  4. Looks like the girls had a great time despite the lameness! Happy 8th Birthday to your sweet girl. (Bri is 8 too and I'm loving it. :D )

  5. It looks like both girlies really enjoyed Ro's special day.