Friday, December 5, 2014

darned elf

When I bought the, Elf on a Shelf, 4 years ago, it seemed like a marvelous idea. A tradition for the girls since we have so few. Now I am ready to stage an Elf Flu pandemic and kill the little bastard off that or stage a really terrible accident.

I have started a reminder list each night on Facebook. I post a list of helpful suggestions and list every ones name who needs to be reminded. Last night after I did it I failed to stage Norman and when I went to bed I had to come back down and fix him.

Both girls just love seeing what he has been up to but Rosie truly still believes it is all magic so seeing her reaction is priceless.

I had planned on mailing the girls a letter from Norman explaining why he would be late this year but in the end I caved to the pressure and whipped him out on December 1st. Actually I whipped out Spud, the impostor elf and he did the first couple of nights but last night Norman showed up again. Rosie was so glad to see him this morning.

Talking of this morning, I had a bit of a revelation. Turns out I hadn't noticed something about Norman in the 4 years he has visited. He is black! Yepper, sure is. It would appear that when I purchased him I didn't notice that he came in colours so I purchased the African American version. When I realised this this morning I nearly died from laughing so hard.

This is what everyone elses Elf looks like:

Light skin and blue eyes

And this is what our Elf looks like. ROFL
And this is Spud, He is really odd looking. Of course it doesn't help that he is in a bubble bath with his hair in a turban in this photo.

19 days to go until they disappear................yay.


  1. OMG Dawn are too funny. As for for Spud...I'm surprised you got away with him!

  2. I refuse to do the Elf thing. I don't need the added stress! Kerri is none the wiser (or maybe she just figures Norman doesn't visit Jewish people). You are a better mom than I!