Sunday, November 30, 2014


I am not a crafty person. Give me a can of paint or a piece of wood and a saw and I am all over it but give me something fru fru to do and I will not make it happen very well. The other day I was reading a DIY blog and the lady made some pillows/cushions out of place mats. It seemed reasonably simple so I headed out to Target to see what festive place mats I could find. And then I gave it a whirl with Rosies help.

my favorites
place mats? Hmmmm
stuffing them
practising on some scraps
Had to put the pedal on a tiny stool as her feet don't reach the floor
she got it and was off
the finished project
Whilst Rosie and I worked on the cushions. Lily had her own ideas. She made ornaments out of buttons and they are so cute.
contents of the button tin
She had a plan
christmas tree
And Santa
They are so cute and since she did these she has made many more and each time little details were added
She really went to town on the ornaments to the point that I had to go to the craft store and buy a bag of buttons. After the ornaments she started designing jewelry and made some things for her sister for Christmas.

 Rosie and I were not quite done. I saw some pegs in Pier 1 with some little Santas on them. They were to hold your Christmas cards on to a ribbon. I thought they were a great idea and also a great craft project for Rosie.
This was all we needed so it couldn't be hard
Rosie had a great time doing these. Now I am looking forward to the cards arriving as I have a plan for them
The final thing we did was buy a plain old sad and sorry wreath at Michaels and a few bits and bobs to decorate it with. I have always wanted a big and beautiful wreath but have never purchased one. This was an obvious choice for us. I thought Lily was going to do this herself but she was making more ornaments. LOL
I love it
I had fun doing all of these so I might look and see what else I can find.


  1. Wow I am so impressed, love the silver cushion/placemat especially. Lily should be in business with her ornaments they are fabulous, think I shall be placing an order next year. xxx

  2. Kudos to you & Rosie with the placemats! Love them! I don't need anymore ideas thank you very much. Lily is very creative & I love her button ornaments & I agree she could sell those!

  3. Wow, love the pillows and placemats! And the ornaments are adorable to. She should start her own ETSY shop!