Saturday, November 29, 2014


This year is a year in which I am a little more thankful than most. I made a life decision that has put me where I needed to be for a long time. (even if I am still not alone, that gets closer by the day)

Last year we went with my friend Maria and feed the homeless and less fortunate and this year, to my delight, the girls asked, yes they asked, if we could do it again. We did. They knew the routine this time around and were much more comfortable. Even Rosie stepped up and just dug in.

200 slices of pie needed to be cut.
tables needed to be set
Maria and us. 
Maria and the Thanksgiving turkey 
Oh look. That Turkey looks familiar
Rosie working hard. Sorry it's blurred 
working hard and so happy
After the initial set up was done. The lady in charge was looking for someone to be the turkey, she didn't have to look far, Lily stepped right up. She added a smile to a lot of hungry faces. Rosie decided she wanted to serve ALL the drinks and she did so by herself, well over 200 of them. A few times when it got hectic she had help but for the most part she was a one man show.

It is heartbreaking to see so many families with little children have no place to call home. I few times I had to fight back tears. A few really skanky folk showed up and that is what I expected to see, the drunk, off his arse, dude but the families were hard to accept.

Later in the afternoon we headed to my friend Ames house for a quiet family Thanksgiving. Truly a beautiful day.

 And then, later, much later, the black Friday madness ensued. I wanted one gift for Rosie and I have researched the price for weeks. I knew where to go and the crazy price I was going to pay. I slipped in and out with no hassels and no wait??? Apparently the stores opened at 6pm and were mobbed and the midnight shoppers were yet to arrive so at 9.30 it was like a Sunday morning. I hope your Thanksgiving was meaningful and filled with love.


  1. So sweet that you do that. Rosie looks right at home serving drinks. Same for Lily. Also great that you had someone to have dinner with.

  2. I absolutely love that you and the girls do this! I think it really makes you appreciate what you have. And at the end of the day, you receive more than you gave. Happy Thanksgiving dear friend. I am grateful that our paths crossed!