Wednesday, November 26, 2014

on a roll

I'm on a roll with this getting caught up lark and Lily was also Honor Roll, hah, get it? My sister was gone when Lily's ceremony took place but my sista from another mista was here.

So wonderful for Lily to have someone extra special with her at her awards, just like Ro
Principals honor roll for this girl
hah, look who grew?
Rosie was on her tippy toes in that last photo but Lily had her feet planted firmly on the ground. In one year she has grown so much. Last year when Jakie arrived they were even and now.............not so much. Next year I will be the one looking up at Lily.


  1. Congrats to Lily. I am amazed at how much both of them have grown.......must be all that swimming???
    Happy Thanksgiving to you & the girls!

  2. congratulations. good to see Jackie looking so