Sunday, November 23, 2014

3 day meet

This past weekend was the Winter Champs championship swim meet. It was a huge, international, event, HUGE. Lily qualified but Rosie didn't. Rosie is not supposed to at this age. It was a four day event and Lily swam for 3 of those 4 days. We started on Friday morning at zero dark hundred hours. Yawn and we finally wrapped up today, Sunday, at lunchtime.

One of the event sponsors was Gatorade. They gave all the swimmers water bottles, chews, protein bars etc etc and of course enough Gatorade to full a pool. My little dingdong was snarfing down the chews and I suggested she STOP. Another mother said, one tube is a serving size,
 so dingdong continued to snarf them down. Come event time she was on a sugar low and swam like a lead brick. Ditto event 2. Sigh. She swam poorly on Friday and was so disappointed in herself. She let herself, her coach and her team down and she didn't listen. We had a long stern chat on Friday night and Saturday she swam like Lily. She whacked seconds off everywhere and placed first, just like she likes. Happy kid, happy coaches. It's lucky that she listened as I was ready to scratch her from anymore events. Sunday she swam how she likes also and ended up in a very good place for the meet.

Prepping for the events
Can you hold this?
Over the loud speaker she heard: last chance for positive check in the the 500m and with that she was gone. Her bagel got tossed to her chair and she ran. I laughed so hard when I saw this.

My favourite photo from Saturday
I'm watching you!
Rosie had to go to school on Friday as she wasn't swimming and I really missed my little sidekick and was very happy to have her back at my side for Saturdays events.
I bought her this sweatshirt from one of the vendors at the event. My rule is you have to participate in an event to get a t-shirt but I bent the rules this time as they had teeny sizes but she obviously couldn't have the event plastered all over it as she didn't swim it. 
Friday and Saturday were both cold and rainy days. Her swim parka was a life saver.
Before her first event on Saturday Boss Man went over to her and pulled her off the block and gave her a talking to. She got back on the block with a smile on her face.
This was the end of that race. Lane 8 was Lily. Lane 7 hadn't actually finished the race

A couple of random breaststroke shots to wrap things up. This was her first 3 day event and it was tiring. She didn't do a thing once we got home. I don't blame her


  1. Way to go are awesome! Dawn I love the shots you captured in the water.....they are amazing! Rosie's dang cute!

  2. Congratulations Lily! Just keep swimming!

  3. I love how she is so passionate with her swimming.

  4. Sounds like a busy weekend, glad Lily was allowed the day off school on Friday. That last but one photo is freaky, it looks as if her eyes have popped out of her head!