Tuesday, December 9, 2014

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I absolutely adore this time of year. Yes, it can get very very stressful with all the extra things to do but this year I was determined to not allow that to happen and with some extra planning I think I have a handle on it. I keep waiting for my 6 months of hell to be up and everything is hanging in the balance but I realised that is ridiculous and I have to live now in the now so that is how I am approaching Christmas. Ain't nobody going to rain on my parade.

Each year I try and buy a new ornament, or 2 or 3, that represent what our year has been about. I really should have just hung a bucket of chloriney water on the tree. Hah! 99% of all the ornaments on the tree have special meaning and I love looking at every last one of them.

This was the first ornament out of the box and heading to the tree
At least it was just a generic red glass bauble. Lily was the klutz this year and it made me laugh.
the other ornaments looking on and wondering who's next to die. Hah.

Some of the newest ornaments for this year:
I buy a new Nutcracker every single year, the girls get to chose them and so my fabulous sister bought this ornament for the day she was, Maisie. It's beautiful and I adore it.
From back in the days of blogging, my friends Kris's daughter, E made this for us 
It's orange and it's a heart so I gave it to Rosie
Really, you don't have a minion on your tree?
 I never thought I would either but one kidlet loves the movie and so it goes
Once the tree was up and the outside lights and decorations hung we ventured off for our annual visit to Santa. Lily is such a good sport about it all and loves to see Rosie so excited. We go to the Christmas Village in Coral Gables.

In my opinion, one of the nicest public trees in Miami
City Hall
Ho Ho Ho, the big guy himself
Sadly both of the kids are starting to think this snow themed park is cheesy. We have gone every year since lily came home. 
The name caught our attention and it was such a funny little shop
a close up of the outside decor.
And finally after a long wait and temperatures that suddenly plummeted, resulting in us freezing to death, they met Father Christmas himself. 

This Santa has been here for as long as we have been going and he remembered the girls. I was shocked. They asked for a freaking puppy!!! He was laughing and joking as I am standing out of view of the kids, shaking my head NO NO NO. Rosie had written him a little Christmas card and when she climbed out of his lap she gave it to him. I felt so awful for the next people in line as he spent ages reading it and thanking her.

And with all the necessary preparations in place I think I can kick back and enjoy the rest of the season. I think!


  1. First of all....why not a puppy!!!! Just think you could end up with a :Molly"! Second of all why is Santa's beard yellow??? It matches Lily's pocket book...which, BTW, I love!!

  2. Love your posts, and LOVE your Nutcracker ornament. Thinking of you during this season and hoping your 6 months is almost up.

  3. Oh my gosh! I always visited the Santa in Coral Gables growing up! That was the REAL Santa to me. Amazing. This brings up so many memories.

    I had some major bloggy reading catch up to do! Love all your ornaments! Lily looked great at her meet!

  4. I love your ornaments too, and I'm sure I remember that snow theme park, is it the one with a polar bear? Totally off subject, what does Lily have in her bag, it looks huge!

  5. You do remember the park Andie. It is the one with the Polar Bear. Lily carries her iPad, brush, lip balm etc etc in her bad. It's becoming part of every photo and I detest it. LOL

  6. I love your" live in the now" comment! Wishing you and your beautiful girls a very blessed, happy, merry Christmas and all good things in the upcoming new year!

  7. Merry Christmas! We always loose a few ornaments each year and gain a few! Hope you had a great weekend.