Sunday, September 28, 2014

windows and more finds

I'm turning into a trash whore. It's atrocious.

I swore I would never do it, dumpster dive that is. I lived by the adage, one mans trash is another mans trash.

But guess what?

It isn't. Nope, not at at.

I was coming home from the girls school the other day, isn't that always when it happens to me, when this huge trash pile caught my eye. I found a perfect headboard just staring right at me.

Lily nearly had a cow. Mum, what if one of my teachers drives by!!!!

Well they didn't. And after a lot of wrangling I got it in my car and now it looks like this. I forgot to take a before photo. Duh.

Excuse the makes in the wall, we had to fill where her letters used to be and we haven't retouched the paint yet.
Hah, not bad huh?
Her Marie Curie Daffodil from her Uncle Jon a few years ago. SHe has always always kept it close to her and now it stays on her bed.
Moving on to the windows. They are painted. But they are so so heavy. I really do not know how on earth to hang these bad boys on the wall. I am thinking of hanging a shelf and putting them on the shelf. I need to get some photos taken to fill the frames.
Nearly finished
Why yes, I do have a thing for black.
My other big project this weekend was the bannister. I hate the one in this house. HATE IT. It's metal and ugly. I decided ages ago to change it for a really nice traditional wooden one and it isn't hard to do. But now that I have to sell this house in 5 years I am refusing to do a lot of work but wanted to do something. I decided to paint this one since nothing that I own is wood coloured. Can you guess what colour I painted it?
Ugly ugly ugly.
Those screws are really painted in there and were murder to get out. But it is amazing what you can find on You Tube
All better. Everything looks better in black
I still have to paint the metal part even though I rally want to replace with wood, I won't. BUt I will paint it bright white not cream. 
It was a crazy busy weekend. The girls had a tonne of homework so it worked out well. I was able to work on the house and they did school work. Next week we have swim meets.


  1. Absolutely love that headboard. I have a project(in my head)that I need a bed for....both the the headboard & the foot. Spotted one the other day but Popster wouldn't stop! Wish I lived closer to you....we could dumpster dive together:)

  2. The headboard is fabulous! As does the stairway....but still have no clue about the windows. Can't wait to see what it ends up looking like!