Sunday, September 21, 2014

how big is your, ish?

I have been friends with Amy for about 20 years. I didn't realise this until today when she mentioned it to someone. I was about to say it hasn't been that long when I did a little mental arithmetic and decided to remain quiet. I know her well, very well and love spending time with her now that we have kids we don't spend much time together. She has boys, I have girls and their interests are very different.

I received a text the other day:
Marcos Bday celebration Sunday.
Please come over. Boys, f-ball, food.
Our house 2 ish.

I said we would be there. The girls guessed they wouldn't be the only girls and they adore Nick and Marco so they really didn't care anyway. We left our house at 2.40 ish. yes, I know what the invitation said but like I said, I know Amy. When we got to the house Amy's car wasn't in the driveway, in fact there were no cars in the driveway. Uh oh, had I got the wrong day? We drove around the corner and I sent a text.

She called me back. Nope she didn't move just in her typical style she was still at the store! We were an hour late and we were the second people to arrive! OMG...she gets worse. I drove back around the corner and we arrived at the same time.

That's a big ish!

The girls were happy to meet another girl. They played with her, did some fishing, played football, did some cheerleading. played lacrosse, and generally acted like boys for many many hours. As Happy As Can Be. We, the grown ups, talked ate and drank. Oh and we laughed, oh did we laugh. It's funny but being out alone is nothing new to me, it doesn't feel odd or uncomfortable because even when I was married his schedule never ever aligned with mine so it was normal for me to do things alone with the kids and most of our friends expect me to be alone.
as the boys set up lacrosse the girls practiced their football
This girl has quite the arm
waiting for fish
in that tub are 3 fish
washing the fish.
Lily kicking the football.
I really didn't need to see this. The 48 frogs fished from the lake. 
Happy 11th birthday Marco
A spot of cheer leading.
Holy COW
I just happened to look outside to check on the girls when I saw Rosie flying through the air and falling pretty hard. She wasn't fazed so I just stood, unnoticed, watching. They did the same thing again, she was a flyer. Dear Gawd, this wasn't going to end well. I put a stop to it, much to their chagrin.

We had a really lovely afternoon and evening. Amy never allows the normal time constraints of school nights to interfere with her good times so we were out pretty late. But when your invitations come with an -ish and you know that the -ish is for real and it means please be an hour late things are going to run later than normal.


  1. It looks like they are trying to toss Rosie in the lake:)

  2. I think I like your Amy-ish friend! But I am the complete opposite (always early!).

  3. I'm notoriously on time or early. Heh. I'm completely opposite from your friend. But you probably already knew that about me. I'm a little anal if you couldn't tell. Snort.