Friday, September 19, 2014

my scared, brave girl

Lily has always been brave, it is who she is. Brave and confident. If she has to face a new situation, no problem, shoulders back, head held high and off she goes. Even if on the inside she is a little bit nervous you will never be able to tell because she exudes confidence and bravery.

Lily has no time for anyone who is wishy washy. This is not a strong point with her but one that I am working on. She has zero patience for wishy washy. Just do it and go big or go home are words that Lily lives by. In Lily's world you need to be brave and strong.

But Lily has a secret or she did until I spilt the beans right here right now.

My big brave girl is terrified of the dark. She uses, not one but 2 nightlights in her room and leaves her bedroom door open and the landing light on. She will not go upstairs alone once it is dark out, even if I say to her, turn on every single light as you go, I don't mind. SHE WON'T DO IT.

Rosie has to go first.

Her other fear? Harry Potter and any other kind of scary movie or book. (I didn't know Harry Potter fell into that spectrum, either). If you ask her if she has read it, she will say, Harry Potter is overrated, Everyone has read it. I do not read what every one has read. Snotty little devil, makes it sound believable doesn't she. Truth is she is scared by it.

Sooooo, imagine my surprise when she came come from the book fair at school with this--->

I told her I though it was a bad idea. I told her not to do it. I told her she wouldn't sleep for months.

Did she listen?


On Wednesday evening she went to bed, book in hand and when I went up to check on her a little while later she looked whiter than a ghost. I, being mother of the year, giggled. She grabbed my arms as I leant over her bed and just kept saying, but Mummy, but Mummy. I asked her if she was scared and all she would say was, but mummy. Foolish girl had scared herself to death. Once she finally started talking she said it was the part about people coming out through the walls that scared her the most. Go figure! This book is for 5-8th grade! (with the exception of Lily, who will never be ready for it.)

I finally calmed her down. I left all the lights in the room on and and went downstairs. Twenty minutes later I went to check on her and thought she was asleep so I turned off her light, She screamed, which made me scream. I laughed but she got mad. She was furious that I would turn off the light. I was furious that she would read an idiotic book that scared her to death but I didn't say anything as that would help nothing especially at bedtime.

Thankfully the book is finished. I have banished any ideas of others in the series.

 Oh, don't let on I told you her secret please.


  1. Briana is scared of the dark too. She loves scary books and movies though - so it really makes no sense! She has a nightlight and a dream light to keep her company at night. Oh - and pink baby, of course. ;)

  2. Oh gosh I forgot to mention Bunny. Lily still sleeps with bunny thank you for reminding me Lisa c

  3. OMG I can sympathize.....I was the same way at that age. Would scare myself silly!! BTW I love, love, love Harry Potter!! She'll grow out of it.

  4. Kerri loves scary books, but she also sleeps with the lights blaring and is terrified of the dark. To the point of panic attacks if we don't go upstairs (or down) first and turn the lights on for her.