Saturday, September 6, 2014

go, unattached, go

Today was the girls first swim meet as an unattached team. It wasn't a very good feeling heading out to a swim meet in ordinary clothes and not Flying Fish shirts. It was funny to see how many of the kids wore their Flying Fish caps etc but inside out so you couldn't see the logo. Lily was one of them. Rosie actually wore her FFSC competition suit. Since we are unattached it really doesn't matter.

The kids are a superstitious and sentimental lot.

Both of the girls had heavy events today. Lily was swimming the 500 free again plus a 200m IM and Ro was in 2, 100m events. Lily was up first and started with a bang in her 200 IM

Sunrise over the aquatic centre
That nervous fiddle
and she's off
Lily seemed off today as she started. I thought she must have been tired but then as the race progressed she did her usual and powered to the front of the pack. She paces herself so well. 
Backstroke is NOT her favourite
Breast stroke she loves and this is where she is able to tear people apart.
Next up was Rosie in her IM.
and there you have it, the obligatory nervous fiddle with the goggles.
Ro asked me to video her swim, I of course said I would and as soon as she hit the block I hit record only something didn't work. Thankfully I noticed right before she hit the wall and was able to get half a dozen photos of her. 
I love watching her fly 
Both girls continued on strong. I was happily watching their events and thanking my lucky stars that it was so over cast. I was completely sideswiped when the pool was closed for weather. I had no clue it was getting nasty. We spent an hour huddled together on the patio waiting for the rain to pass.

rain rain go away.......
It's rarely cold here when it rains so it's never a big deal. The lightening is a big deal and that closed the meet today.
We are going back tomorrow. We will start with tomorrows events and then double back and finish todays events. Now both girls have a lot of events tomorrow but timing is everything and weatherdotcom seems to think that the same schedule will be kept tomorrow with regard to the weather.


  1. Hope they got to finish their meet and can't wait to see how they did!

  2. Good luck! "Rain,rain go away. Come again another day"!