Monday, September 8, 2014

go they did

The girls were in really good for this weekend and even though the meet was postponed on Saturday it didn't faze them one bit. Yesterday we were up at 5am and heading right back to carry on again and they did it without missing a beat. They knew it would be a long day with a lot of events for each of them, Lily knew she had the 500m to contend with but they were on fire.

Rosie asked me to video her swimming the I.M. so I did and was so glad that I did as she came in first. She swims with mainly 9-10 yr olds in competition and even though she is pretty fierce in the water when it comes to placing for medals she rarely does. Thankfully she understands why. As is often the case for her she won her heat but this time she actually went on and placed for the event. She was so happy. She managed to get herself a "B" time and whacked 18.46 seconds off of her previous time. Look at my tiny girl go. I cannot believe her daddy never watches her.

 Lily's next event was the 100 I.M. so it seemed only sensible to video her also, so I did. She also won her heat, placed 8th overall out of 40 swimmers and shaved 10.18 seconds off. C-R-A-Z-Y. I am so proud of them. They work SO hard for these goals. Rosie really tore things up yesterday she even pulled off 5 events which is unheard of in her age group but due to the met being rained out on Saturday she had events to make up. Her very last event was the 50 breast and even though that is one of her strongest strokes and the one that has her ranked nationally I wasn't too sure if she had any reserves left. I made sure she drank and stayed hydrated but food and Rosie, especially if she is nervous, are not a great combo. I went so far as to take them to the concession stand and she chose a bag of popcorn Lily ordered this massive, bacon, cheese, and egg bagel, the thing was bigger than her head. Most swimmers would sink with that on board but not my girl it was exactly what she heeded to fuel her for her 500 free. A "snack" and a drink and back in the water. It was pretty fast paced yesterday.

 These photos make me giggle

On your marks
Get set, (and she pulls higher out of the water)
THe girls had a lot of the same events yesterday so here are the same shots for Lily.
On your marks
get set, and she raises up also.
 Lily infomred me that that was a terrible start and that she lost a tonne of time by coming up out of the water that much.
My flyer---->

I just love the splash in this shot. She literally cuts through the water
This is how the Pickle looks when she hasn't spotted me across the pool.
And a split second later, when she has.  Funny girl.
Some of the team.. Lily was waiting at the blocks for an event.
exiting the cool down pool.
Why yes I did just kick some arse, why do you ask?
The small but mighty breast stroker. She placed in that event also
Cool down laps 
Back stroke. Not a favourite but yet yesterday she owned it.
in the zone.
Rosies last event was breast. She was up against all 9 and 10 yr olds. It doesn't faze her, it is how it is right now. In her words, she swam it like a boss. She placed 9th overall. She won her heat by 15 yrds. Maniac. Lily had a long race up last.. 500 free. She swam it effortlessly and flawlessly. she came in first by a freaking mile in her heat and placed 3rd overall out of 36 swimmers. She has only swam it once before in competition and she shaved 44.06 seconds off of that time. I think she should concentrate on distances she has a knack for it. On the drive home at 4pm I received a text from a teacher asking for a homework assignment. Arghh. We always make sure our homework is done on a Friday night. Having to compete in a meet and then do homework, is pure EVIL.


  1. They are awesome!!! Rosie is a little spitfire! Shame on her Daddy for missing something that is obviously so important to them.

  2. I love how dedicated your girls are! Go Girls!

  3. Love the videos, but glad you didn't video the 500! Are you allowed closer to the pool now that you are unattached, or is it just that pool? Love the sound effects.