Tuesday, September 2, 2014

fresh beginnings

There is so much irony in this post it isn't even funny.

I've started work on those old windows that I found.
I'm taking something old and used up and making it new again.
When one window closes another one opens.

ewww, what was I thinking
Survived being sanded without the glass smashing
Don't even know what to clean the glass with, ammonia? vinegar? dynamite?
I have barely even started this project and now I am in search of pallets. I really need pallets badly for my next projects!! Actually I need a workshop but hey ho


  1. Try cleaning vinegar....it's stronger than regular white vinegar. You'll find it in the cleaning aisle at W*lmart

  2. Pallets are free near Richard! They are great, so much you can do with them, have fun.

  3. I can't wait to see the magic happen!

  4. Have fun with your project! I hope you will keep updating here - every so often. I don't want you to go for good!