Friday, August 29, 2014

ticking a different box

Yesterday was D-day. I told Lily I was heading to court in the morning, she is glad to get this chapter over and done with. I didn't however tell the Pickle. She has had some homework issues this week at school. She wrote her homework down wrong and for 2 days has been catching up from the day before. It isn't hard for her so when she gets herself sorted out the work is easy but I am not patient with foolish mistakes so she is under the gun to fix it. She also had a test yesterday so I didn't want her heading into school, worrying about those 2 things and the big D. I went so far as to drop them off at school in my work clothes. My court outfit was hidden in the car. Once I got to the train station I found a secluded parking spot and changed in the car. ( I told her when I picked her up from school and she was fine with it)

As I rode the lift down to the train it was impossible not to notice a lady standing right in front of the doors, she wouldn"t move as people got in and out. Once she exited a man with a drawl said, "sure would have been nice if that woman could have moved her big butt out of the way so people could get in and out". We all laughed. I got out on the same floor as him and his wife. She told me he wasn't from here and I laughed. I told them it was a Miami thing. She told me people here are very rude here and I apologised for all of us.

Then she said they were from South Carolina, and were staying in a hotel so that she could go to Jackson for cancer treatment. All this as we were walking to buy tickets. Today was her first treatment for lung cancer and she never smoked. I thought how scared they both must be. I wished them good luck and we lost each other in the crowd.

The train station we were at was the first one on the track so all trains head the same way. I purchased my ticket and headed to the train wondering why I had taken my sisters advice and worn such high heels, even though they did look good. Once seated I looked to see if I could see the cancer lady. I jumped off at the next stop and jumped back in one carriage down, still no cancer couple. After doing it 3-4 times I found them.

Hi I said, I just want you to know you are going to kick cancers arse. And I asked if I could give her a hug. She said I could, so I did. I told her we aren't all rude here. She will love the cancer hospital and that the nurses there are fabulous, polite and kind. Her hubby smiled, that was a first. She asked if i was going to work, I said I wasn't but what I was doing didn't matter.  Then I left and gave them a thumbs up. I hope she beats the sh*t out of cancer, I hope everyone does. And I hope Miami smiles on them, it really is a mean place and no one at all speaks English.

I got off the train and headed to court.I knew he wasn't going to be there and nor was his attorney. We got a last minute cancellation thingy on Wednesday but my attorney filed some papers statng that the show MUST go on. Imagine my surprise when he walked in and then 20 minutes later his attorney did. I was terrified they were going to pull some crap and it was going to be postponed again. But it wasn't. It almost was as he hadn't taken his parenting class. The class we were told to take in December of 2012. The class can be taken online. The judge, thankfully offered him 30 days to do it in but he requested 60 and was granted it.

We were told to raise our right hands, I absentmindedly raised my left, I always do, I'm left handed, it's more natural for me and we had to swear to this that and the other, I felt a lot like swearing at the injustice of the lady on the train but I did as I was told. The judge spoke rapidly and then he looked at me and said, it's over, you are divorced. You and Ms. Baker (my attorney) can stand right there you don't have to go down to the 14th floor my girls will take care of your divorce documents. I like you, you're nice people. I thought that was a funny thing to say. So we waited and out of a printer shot a divorce decree.

No longer will I tick the box: married

Single. White. Female.
As I was standing on the Metro Rail platfrom heading home at 11am I turned around and this was behind me. it was so good to have it all behind me.
Oh and a note to my seester: those sexy shoes set off the alarms at the courthouse yesterday. I walked through the x-ray machine and it had a total hissy fit. Apparently those heels pack a lot of metal and add to that an underwire bra...sheesh. The security dudes were on me like white on rice.


  1. am so relieved for you that this part is over. Stay strong and in time, you will have licked this well and truly.
    Give my love to the girls. I am very proud of them...and you.

  2. That must be such a big relief. As you begin a new chapter in your life I wish you nothing but the best for you & the girls. Stay strong & continue to kick arse! Most importantly always wear sexy heels when needed!

  3. So glad you are going to begin a new chapter in your life. Time to move onward and upward.

    Everything you said about Miami is true. That's why my parents left in 1987. I'm glad there are a few nice people (including you and your girls) that still live there. :)

  4. I never know what to say...congratulations? I'm sorry it took so long? Part of me is thrilled for you, and part of me is sad that you had to go through all this. But I think in the end you will be stronger, better, and you all will be happier. Wish I was closer, would throw you a D Day party!