Friday, July 4, 2014

sometimes you win and

.............sometimes, not so much.

This week was a, not so much, for Rosie.

I'm a stick to you guns kind of person. I tell you whats going to happen if a certain behaviour, action or "mouth" continues and I give you the warnings, always the same and then, BAM. consequence served.

They really should know this by now but they are children and it is their job to test and my job to stand firm. Lily just went 6-8 months with no nail polish which to her was the worst thing in the world. Sorry kid, rules is rules. She knew better than to even ask if it were possible to paint her nails for any of her fancy days and nights as school came to a close, she was K.O'd of the polish world.

Rosie, oh that cute little bundle of love, isn't the girliest of girls and thinks all thing involving hairbrushing, and toothbrushing are something that should be donewith great haste. I brushed both of the their teeth for 5 freaking years, almost exclusively. They would do them and I would go in and make sure they were sparkly. I let them play with floss then I would make sure all teeth were flossed. My favourite line, only brush and floss the teeth you want to keep. But by age five they know what to do and how to do it. I will check them and and sometimes redo them but come on kid, you know what is expected of you.

Rosie is a slacker, a big SLACKER. My approach to this was probably a lot different than yours but this is how it went. If, when you go to the dentist, in 6 months for your check up and you have one cavity, ONE, all junk food, sweets and  extraneous goodies, will be purged from this house. As the date grew closer, I book the appointment 6 months in advance, I kept reminding her. I wasn't concerned about Lily at all. In England as she scoffed all her favourites by the tonne I would remind her to brush well. Hah, that's a joke with her.

On Tuesday we went to the dentist and oh guess what? A clean and clear check up for Lily and a cavity and a tonne of dirty tetth for Rosie. I think the dentist was horrified at the state of her mouth and my reaction to it. I wasn't shocked at all, I knew the dirty teeth comment was coming, I hoped a cavity wasn't. I just looked at Rosie and said, Time to pay the Piper kid, you knew this was coming and now the consequences will be paid.

We came home and got out the big black garbage sack, that was really for effect because I don't even have enough junk in the house to fill a carrier bag. She said good bye to her favouites. I explained as the 5  things went in how they affect health and dental health. We now have a system in place in which she can earn back the right to chocolate, but it's going to take 6 months at a minimum. Her oral care has been vamped up immensely and I am very proud of her efforts thus far. She won't know the full effect of having a cavity until Thursday when she gets that sucker filled. I have told her it won't hurt, as the dentists job is to make it as painless as possible but it WILL NOT be a pleasant experience.

Lay down with dogs in this house and you will wake up with fleas. Oh and the next cavity caused through her laziness, she gets to pay for herself. Yes really! Don't give me the, Chinese formula, sugar, orphanage care,  line because this was caused by her and only her. She happens to have great teeth.

The hygeniest suggested she go to an othodontist and get an appliance fitted to stop her sucking her thumb, I said, no. Not happening. Again I got the death stare. Are people no longer honest? Do they beat aroound the bush and say one thing and then not do it? My besties youngest had that appliance when she was much younger, it's a freaking torture device, I hated it almost as much as Lucy and Jakie. She didn't last with it too long and I can assure she no longer sucks her thumb and has a set of stunning chompers. I'll take my chances on the thumb. Some battles I'll walk away from but when I pick one, watch out.


  1. You are one tough mama.....but for a good reason!

  2. Good for you. Kerri is a lot like Rosie when it comes to brushing, and I am always after her too. Thank goodness she cannot eat her favorite sweets because she wears braces!