Saturday, July 5, 2014


To celebrate the 4th of July we headed into Coral Gables to the Biltmore. As far as I am concerned it is by far the nicest display around. The weather, what with this being Miami and it being July, was a little iffy, thunderstorms and rain were forecast but we didn't let that dissuade us and just made sure we were prepared. Thankfully we didn't have to worry there was just a light shower shortly after we arrived.

I have clients in the Gables which is fortunate as you really need to know that City like the back of your hand during any type of celebration as the City Of Coral Gables Police take their job very seriously and close down every freaking road, which is quite necessary down here as people will drive down the wrong side of the street just to beat traffic, so they control it. Luckily for us, "Uncle Cline", as the girls call him, lives 2 streeets away and offers us parking if we need it and a great awareness of the neighbourhood. We were in and out like a flash.

The girls took footballs, and frisbees and we passed the time playing games. If you don't get there early you don't get a good spot. Yesterday we arrived later than usual but due to the World Cup game we knew we were going to be OK. We invited quite a few friends to join us but they all said the same thing, Maybe, after the footy. This is how we knew we had extra time this year.

We claimed our spot and had a picnic dinner
One must attack a sandwich with great gusto
I am 12 therefore normal phtos are a thing of the past.
The Greater Miami Symphony
It's almost time
Ro doesn't like the noise of the fireworks and the amped up music so she took her headphones. I laughed when she whipped them out of her bag. I must say it was a smart move
Lily had always been afraid of fireworks but is finally brave enough to hold sparklers and this year double fisted.
This little monkey loves them
As the fireworks were in full swing Lily suddenly yelled Happy Birthday Grandpa. Hope you like the fireworks we arranged, nationwide, for your birthday. Hah! Girly loves her Grandpa.


  1. Happy 4th to you & the girls & a happy birthday to your Dad!

  2. What an lovely way to celebrate Grandpa's birthday and the holiday!

  3. 12 year old photos crack me up! Winston is always leaving funny pictures on my phone