Tuesday, July 8, 2014

oops and another morning swim

I promised to take photos after my first morning swim to show you how freaking dark it is when we go but there was a little S.N.A.F.U. I went to bed early, yes early people, on Wednesday night and was out for the count before 11.30. The very last thing I did was check the alarm and it was set for 4.50am. I however did not wake up and when I did it said, 7.28am

Luckily for Lily and I Coach was in a good mood that day and responded kindly to my panicked text at 7.29. A few people have suggested that Lily should have her own alarm, she does but on that evening I told her not to worry, and with all sorts of authority I said, don't worry, I've got this. Bwa ha ha. She no longer trusts me.

Today was another early day and I didn't go to bed early because apparently I run much better when I am sucking fumes and not at all well rested, so I slid into bed past midnight and crawled out when the alarm went off at 4.50. Yeehaw.

See the sky? It's pitch freaking black. even that suit can't brighten the sky.
And still she smiles. It's not yet 6.00am. 
It's early, early, early
She had been swimming for at least 30 minutes when I took this one. 
It's crazy dark but they don't complain, not one of them.One kid did show up wearing odd shoes, but I've done that before in the middle of the day!

One mum actually threw a towel onto a table and curled up and went to sleep.
Miami, it's a really classy place!


  1. That is insane....why so early? Why can't they swim at a decent time?

    1. Viv, they have to swim early so that the parents can still get to work on time. During the school year they start at 5am so that they can get to school on time, yeah we won't be playing that game.

  2. I bet you went to bed early that night!!

    1. Nope, I don't do sleep well. I would love to get a lot sleep but I average 5 hours a night and I never nap. I'll sleep when I'm dead.