Sunday, July 13, 2014

hot hot and hotter and bright.

Today Lily had a swim meet, it was another championship one and also the last chance to grab J.O. times before next weekends long course J.O's.. It was a 3 day event but kidlet has been cranking out the J.O. times at the last 2 meets and only had 2 events this weekend which meant, drum roll please, I only had to show up today. BooYah. And, wait for it, we were home by 11.30am. Oh my gosh. Swim meet nirvana.

It was announced during the week that we would be scratching from finals. Kidlet made it into the finals in both of her events. Would she have medalled? Definitely in one. You all know how I feel about this so best I just shut my trap.

It was unbelievably hot today. One of those days where the feels like temp hits triple digits (Before noon). The glare off of the pool just made things worse. When you add to this equation the fact that pool decks are all cement and so are the surrounding buildings it is a bit like being in an oven. I really wanted to accidentally fall into the pool, really I did.

Rosie couldn't enter this meet, it was 8 and over only so she got to be in the cheering section. She had the times just not the age. Next year she will show em her stuff. 
Fueling up between heats.
The glare on the water was intense and I couldn't even see her it was blinding. I haven't figured out the settings to cut through the glare and am loving the shadows.
L was amazed by all the colours reflected in this shot.
Who is this mean looking kid??
In the zone!!!
And Lily is back with her "winning" smile. As soon as she hits the wall, she switches right back to Lily but when she swims, heaven help anyone she is against, she is a beast. 
I love this shot. Somehow she is caught in a bubble and looks like Darth Vader. Her eyes are almost scary.
Next weekend we I won't be so lucky. it won't be quick. She has a tonne of J.O.s, I don't think she is allowed to swim in all of them as there is a limit to how many events each age group can participate in. Time will tell. Just please send us some cooling breezes.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous shots....settings be damned....I like what you captured!

  2. That last photo left me breathless, she looked like she owned that water, like a predator. Good luck Lily in your next swims!