Tuesday, July 1, 2014

a new chapter

today marked the start of a new chapter in my life. No not that one, we haven't reached that one yet.

My alarm went off at 4.55am and I crawled out of bed, thumped down in the stairs, in my quietest way possible, fumbled for coffee, yes coffee and tried very hard to wake up.

At 5.15 I thumped back up the stairs also in my quietest way possible so as not to wake The Rose and woke up Lily.

 "Wake up. morning practise starts today".

 The bed looked so inviting but I refrained.

And so it begins.

The life of the very dedicated swimmer.

On Thursday I'll take some photos, it's pitch black....BLACK.

There are mosquitoes the size of jet planes. Ouch.




  1. Hey welcome to my world! Life as a morning person! I was very bad this morning. Hit the snooze button 4 times....sooooo tired!

  2. Why? Because you are an awesome MOM!