Saturday, June 28, 2014


I still refer to it as home.
It will always be my home and one day I will live live there again.
Mark my words.
I am a country girl at heart.
This is not my home which is probably why after all these years my passport is still red and not blue.
Get dual citizenship they say, you can they say but my heart isn't in it so I don't.

This is a park where I used to play when I was was little. Emberton Park. I loved it and now my girls love, they ask to go there every time we go home. Grandpa took us there and with the patience of a saint he waited while they played on everysinglethingonehundredtimes! He pushed them on swings, bought ice creams, drove the car with them standing up and sticking out of the  sunroof, kicked footballs, played table tennis, (not very well, in Lily's words ROFL) bought coffee so he and I could stay warm one day, hid under large trees so he and I could stay dry while they played in the rain and watched them slide out of tubes much to fast because their older sister had offered them advice and he laughed with them and at them. But most importantly, to us, he was with us. This is what we miss the most, my family. Sometimes I want to stamp my feet and shout, dammit, this sh*t is just wrong, we shouldn't be deprived of family. The girls father doesn't speak to any of his family so they don't have any cousins at all over here and they don't have that bond. grrrr.

Table tennis after I had said no but Grandpa over ruled me.
Digging in the sand
in ground trampolone fun. this is a wonderful idea
faster Grandpa
oops, to fast
hah, we are sticking out of the car.
I miss this.
Daddy and Jeannes garden, 
beautiful isn't it? I came home with a bag of stones in my luggae because both girls collected stones, special ones from the gravel to the left in the photos and grandpa helped them polish them and they we put them in our luggage and bought them home. Everyone wants stones in their luggage!!!
every spare minute she had she spent with Daisy and Gertie until they ate out of her hands.
I'm sure now they are on a strict diet.
This one too, she was also the egg collector.
Some of my favourite flowers, I call them ballerinas. I know they are really called Fuchias
Love these colours
Flowers everywhere
Peonies are my all time favourite flowers and when I saw them in the garden I was in heaven
I will never get tired of Clifton Hills, ever. I grew up on these hills and in this river, if they both could talk. The actual hills are off to the right. 
love this little pathway up to the hills
But this is what I miss the most. My family
all of them
but most of all this man
and my sis. Notice a little photobomber
3 generations
this is a great photo
and I'll leave you with something to ponder: do you think skinny people live in these 2 houses? How do they get any wide furniture in their houses? I've never seen such skinny front doors.
Time to move on and get back in the swing of things.


  1. It's sad that you can't be where you want to, just keep visiting. Love the photos, I haven't been to Emberton Park for years.

  2. will try to put the photos i took of the party on fb as far as getting them to desktop...but need patient tuition to do this..colin.xx

  3. Sniff, sniff! Love the family photos. Your father's garden is just beautiful & oh so "english" Making me very homesick as well!

  4. What beautiful pictures and memories!

  5. Wow - what an amazing, amazing, amazing trip you had. It is absolutely beautiful there. You and the girls absolutely glow when you are with your family. Happy Belated Birthday!

  6. I so, so, so love your dad's garden!! Very envious of it. Absolutely beautiful!! I'm with you, I, too, am a country girl; although I do not truly live in the country now (there are cows not too far from me though), I am so happy to be out of the City (Miami). Life is so much better and more relaxing! I have always felt I was not meant to live in a big city and what were my parents thinking!! But, in the 60's when they moved there, Miami was not what it is today. Hope you realize your dreams of returning to your other mother country sooner rather than later. :)