Thursday, June 26, 2014

surprise party

My siblings seemed to find it highly amusing that I turned 50 this year.

I'm not sure why.

They decided that they were not going to let it slip by quietly and unnoticed.
Fanfare was in order.

Age means nothing to me, it truly doesn't. I'm sure when I was a kid, fifty was old, like a dinosaur old but it isn't anymore.

I don't feel old. I can out run people half my age, I am hyper and nuts and I think young. This substantial birthday was just another birthday but it was fantastic to have a party, I haven't had one in years and years and I loved every second of it. I loved that they would think of doing such a thing and I loved even more that Sally would invite Jakie and the fact that Jakie flew all the way from Israel to celebrate with us.
With the exception of cousins who mean the world to me, we were all together for a happy occasion and it was great fun. It was an afternoon event so that the kiddos could have fun too and so that we could make the most of the weather.

cousins. Tiffy Lu. Lilipop and Ellipop

My Sista from another Mista

Nephew and youngest cousin Taylor

My Father, his brother, my auntie and Jeanne

Daddy and Colin

The juggler right before it all went dreadfully, hilarously wrong
My BIL Jon who is a magician, apparently I am the only one who didn't know this.. He is really very very good.

MUA, top Chef!

Cousin Christopher, Isn't he lovely
This cake was so good, but so so good.
My birthday present from my brother and sister and my Bil's.
Gawd, I love em.
A photo that I never thought I would get, my 3 sibs together, My actual brother and sister along with my sista from another mista. When you live so far from all of your loved ones, friends become your chosen family and Jakie truly is another sister to me. She bypassed friend years ago and became a member of my family and to have them all together was just wonderful. ( i think this was taken the following morning)
Now a confession. My Fathers wife made all the desserts, an apple pie, a lemon meringue pie, and a trifle. I ate one mouthful of trifle and steathlfully removed it from the table and hid it away. It was so good. I love trifle but only really good trifle and this was one of the best. I had no qualms, it was my party after all and it was that simple. I just picked it up and walked into the house. A few people asked if there was any trifle and since I was serving the desserts I just said, No, sorry it's all gone. Bwa ha ha ha. My sister knew I had moved it but didn't know why. I confessed later when I had a large bowl of it. I had it for breakfast the next day too. It really was that good. Thank you to everyone that participated in making my day so absolutely fantastic. I had a ball. xxooxx.


  1. How wonderful to be with your family for such a special b'day! As for the trifle....very sneaky but very necessary. After all they certainly don't know how to make good trifle in this country!

  2. ab.fab. photos.xxxcolin

  3. wasn't it wonderful.Sally and Andy were so organized and a lot of beautiful energy went into making it a quite magical occasion.
    love you Dawn......50 onwards is really such a rewarding time of life.
    was great to see such a gathering with everyone at ease and enjoying the moment.

  4. Great photos, even one of Dad smiling, not sure how you got that!

  5. Happy belated special birthday! And I am so glad they were able to surprise you!