Tuesday, June 24, 2014

london calling

Before my BIL left here last November he asked me if I thought the girls would like to swim in the Olympic pool in London. I think my response was, are you mad? Of course they would. Well, he arranged it. We kept it very hush hush which was incredibly difficult for me as I hate to keep things from them especially something as amazing as that but it was also hard when I was packing and we were all traipsing in and out of my room and plonking down clothes to be packed. Not to mention Lily is at "that" age now and if I packed the wrong suit and cap to swim in the same water as the likes of Missy Franklin and Michael Phelps I could ruin her day. Pressure like that is unbearable.

My sister didn't come with is as she was busy planning all the last minute details for a party, which was a surprise, cough cough so Andy, Jakie, the girls and I headed off to London for the day under the guise we were heading to the Science Museum. So many lies were told on this trip we are all going straight to hell for sure.

Crazy Goose excited about being on the train

I loved these lanterns in the Olympic park

funky old fashioned helter skelter

Media and press centre. I have no idea what it is used for now but it is really ugly. 

First view of the Aquatic Centre and the kids are still clueless.

By now they have figured out where we are but are not sure why we are there, their lanes were booked for 11.30 and it was getting really close and we were rushing. Andy ran them down in the lift and Jakie and I arrived seconds later. Now they realised THIS was the olympic pool and were awestruck and when I said go and get changed they just stared at me and said, right mum. I realised then that they had no idea I had their suits and caps. So I just said, hurry up, Uncle Andy is already changing and you only have lanes for an hour. Rosie spoke up first and asked if I bought their suits. When they realised they were swimming they were silent and walked to the changing room with enormous grins and in complete silence. I helped them to change and headed them out on to the deck before going up to the observation deck.
First view of the pool

I have just realised how dirty the floor looked. eeew, I didn't notice it before. This was as they first walked out
Getting ready to jump in.
A quick giggle together
the hero that made it happen
gorgeous no?
Trying to snag some techniques
Lily and her very distinctive hands
We learnt something very interesting: not only do we drive on the opposite side of the road over there but when circle swimming in a lane we swim in the other direction. The girls found this out when they swam into another swimmer and the man became quite indignant with Lily. ROFL. Fortunately the lifeguards who have seen it countless times before from the American tourists, went over to them and told them since they swim so fast that they could move over to the fast lanes. My girls were swimming all alone in the lane that Michael Phelps racked up all his medals in, the one that Ryan Lochte, peed in and also Missy Franklins medal lane. They were ecstatic. Take that disgruntled old geezer. ( I had no idea why they had moved until an hour later when they got out and Lily breathlessly told me the whole story). Rosie didn't make it the whole hour, sadly she went blue from cold and got out sooner :(

The day in London wasn't over with the swim. MUA had also booked tickets to Madam Tussauds. We stopped for a bite to eat and hurried back onto the tube and mae our way up Oxford Street for a spot of shoppy and then back on the Tube to Baker Street.

the Tube

Well, he deserved a little break after all he did for us.
setting a few things straight
Blooger has just gone stark raving mad and eaten the remaining photos and turned the last ones all grainy. So I will stop here and follow Vals advice and google a fix!


  1. That is so "awesome"! I got over 200 e-mails on my phone yesterday after reporting my problem to blogger. It is working again but I'm not holding my breath!

  2. Absolutely fabulous! Love the pictures, but love that you all got to spend a wonderful time at home with your family even more.