Friday, May 9, 2014

some good news

Have you wondered why there haven't been any day to day swimming photos on the blog for months and months? Well that is because the pool that we swim at, our pool, was closed by the Health Dept', back in February. Nothing serious like a skanky disease just many minor violations. Health Department violations can be things like, plants blocking exits. Who knew. They had two biggies, that involved a lot of maintenance but initially assured the Coach it would be quick.

Time dragged on and communication failed, totally. The pool "owners" become elusive and the whole dealio a big mess. For the first couple of weeks Coach was pulling insurance policies daily to cover the kids at whatever pool he could get them into for practice that night. Thankfully he has a lot of clout as a swim Coach and people were bending over backwards to help him. But it was a pain the neck but we knew it was only for a couple of weeks so it was OK. Each day we would receive a text telling us where to swim that night. As time dragged on it became apparent we needed a temporary permanent home and he found us one.

The funny thing about sunny South Florida is there are very few public pools and even less Olympic size ones. Nearly everyone has either a community pool or a backyard one. Trying to get into one of the big pools is almost impossible because they are already full of school teams, swim teams, water polo teams and learn to swim classes. It is a challenge. We ended up at a County pool that we use for Saturday Swims when our pool is closed for holidays etc. No one really likes this pool but it's a pool. We sucked it up cos it was for a couple of weeks. That was at the beginning of February.

Skanky pool has worn on everyone. It is gross there, truly. It is old and run down and just generally tired and dirty. The running joke became, if the Health Dept thought our pool was in sorry shape I guess they have never set foot over here cos this is a violation waiting to be cited. Coach made us all promise, jokingly of course, that none of us would call the DOH. If that pool got closed we were screwed. Whilst we were there for 3 months another pool got closed and skanky pool opened it's heart and allowed them in too. Now we were squeezed into even less lanes and staying even later at night. I won't even mention what time the girls have been going to bed.

Everyone at Skanky pool was so kind, they seem oblivious to their grotty conditions and the fact that they were so kind means a lot. To enter the pool you have to walk through the toilet/changing rooms and they are old and not air conditioned and always always muddy. Yeah, there is mud on the floor cos you enter via the park and and drag that dirt into a changing room where kids are showering. EEEWWWW. The water from the showers drains through one of two main floor drains, it really is old and horrid.

Anyhoo, we had a place to swim. My coaching lessons resumed after about a month when it became apparent we were not going home anytime soon. Some of the parents quit taking their kids cos it was to far to drive or they just didn't like it. It has been rough and the strain on the team palpable. Rumours have been rampant. Last night after practice coach sat and talked to a couple of us and there was no news. Communication still at a low. His contract has a little clause in it, as does everyones who uses that pool, that basically leaves him high and dry.

Last night I was watching Greys, at about 10.30. (I DVR'd it) when I decided to check my phone. This is odd for me as once I watch Greys you cannot move me. I paused the show went and got my phone and it was all glowy with a bunch of missed calls and texts. All of them from the Coach and the other team Mum. This one stood out.


This one was screaming too:

I called and I swear we screamed and shouted like five year olds. Our pool is open and we move home on Monday. Oh happy days. I was tempted to wake up the girls but I refrained. I knew it would be the best news I could give them to get them moving in the morning.

I am so happy, the girls are over the moon. Word is spreading like wild fire and the my phone won't quit. I'm happy to keep typing, yes, it's true.

So be prepared for the barrage of pool pictures again of the kiddos.

Oh and the one question Mother Teresa and I had for Coach, why didn't you tell us earlier? He said, do you really think if I had this information earlier I wouldn't have shared it or that the other Coach that is also sharing the pool woudln't have shared it, they just sent it to me. At 9.29 pm. Yeah that's how they roll.

Woohoo, we are going home to the clean big bright pool where I won't be concerned about the girls catching the bubonic plague.

My BFF was here last week and she came to the pool with us and I sent a photo of the 2 of us to my sister and she replied: love the photo but ewww where are you, it's disgusting? I laughed so hard. You couldn't even see the pool just a tiny little corner.
Just a tiny little corner of Skanky. 

The timing is perfect. Long course season has started and the the girls both have meets next weekend. Long course is new to Rosie and so practising in her pool will put her head where it should be for a tough meet.


  1. It may only be a corner but your eye goes right there!!! At least you don't have to go there anymore!

  2. So glad your pool is open again!