Sunday, May 11, 2014

my heart

Most peoples hearts are made up of 4 chambers, the 2 atrium's and the 2 ventricles,  but mine is much more simplistic and is made up of two. It has the Lily chamber and the Rosie chamber. It used to be just a big ole heart with a gaping hole in it but the hole was filled with love when I met Lily and then sealed when I met Rosie.

Mothers Day was an ugly day. It was a day that I would pretend didn't really exist. Since my mum lived a trillion billion miles away and I didn't even get to see her, it was just an ugly reminder that I had not fulfilled my biggest dream. Mothers Day just made my heart hurt.

HAH, not anymore.

Now I love it. Not because it is a day for elaborate celebrations but because I am entitled to partake in those celebrations in any which way I chose. I chose to celebrate my girls on Mothers Day for without them it would be that ugly day again. I love to do things with them that they want to do and enjoy doing. I don't want to get dressed up and go out to an overcrowded restaurant for brunch because that is what you are supposed to do, I want to hear how they want to spend the day.

This morning they were going to make me breakfast in bed until I pointed out that I don't eat breakfast but if they wanted to eat in bed we could. They didn't. But they thought they had to do this. Silly silly society. We actually all slept very late and when we came downstairs they both gave me cards they had made. Rosie made hers in class at school and wrote her own note inside:

Mom,  your (you're) the best because you take care of me and take me wayer (where) I want to go.
Love Rosie
It was bright orange and had a teapot on it and a tea bag taped to the inside.

Lily made hers at home and wrote me a poem. Lily is not a mushy child at all and when I read her poem it made me cry. I won't write it here but suffice to say, it was very very touching.
She also cut out lots and lots of hearts and when I opened it they showered me.

We decided that we wanted to spend the day at PenneKamp and go kayaking again. so we did. We  were feeling a little braver today and headed out onto a course that had us in the open ocean for a little while. Sheesh we must be mad it was really rough and quite a tough paddle but a lot of fun. However there are not many photos and the ones I did take have my thumb in....duh.

We had a great time, we always do in the Keys. We had a picnic lunch, messed around in the ocean, which is now quite warm and generally relaxed and had good fun. The girls finished off the afternoon with an ice cream and then we drove home.

These are the days that I treasure. The days when we are all together doing things we love and having fun. It's nice spending time with friends but we have a great time just the 3 of us, and for that I am so grateful, so very very grateful. My little family.

We stopped at ShellWorld in Key Largo
Note, paddling in unison ( please ignore thumb)
keep ignoring thumb, I have no idea how I managed it. look at the paddles?? It's a wonder we went anywhere. LOL
a selfie. take photos I said!! 
I love going under this bridge with the exception of the shallow water.
happy girls
She finally loves it. 
not her best photo ever.
Not sure if this movie will work but if it does it's hilarious, she talks the whole time she's under water.
Copenahgen might have the Mermaid but my hearts got this wet drippy kidlet. I win.
We have been talking a lot about summer camps because this year they are going to have to be a reality. gulp. As we were leaving Rosie said, can I go to camp here please. I said, this isn't a camp. Soooo, she said , so why does it have CAMP in it's name then, that's dumb! hah, good question kiddo. Oh and 48 miles each way might make for some pretty early mornings to get you there on time.

 I hope your Mothers Day finds you in a good place.


  1. Looks like you had an absolutely perfect Mother's Day! I'm not into doing the big brunch for MD either - I enjoy having a quiet picnic lunch by the lake. :)

    I love how much you love your girls!

  2. Happy Mother's Day! Looks like you had the perfect day! It should be about what you feel like doing not what is expected.

  3. So glad you had a fabulous Mother's Day! <3

  4. Sorry, I'm late, as usual. Just excited that I can see teeth in Rosie's gap!