Wednesday, May 14, 2014


One of my children has lots of opinions, the other one, not so much. One of my girls speaks her mind, ALL THE TIME, the other one, not so much. The one with all the opinions will never try to hurt you with her opinion or never try to make you see things her way but she will voice her feelings. Opinions are nothing more than feelings and can't be right or wrong. We were discussing opinions the in the car yesterday and the child, who is wise, well beyond her years, said, you aren't allowed opinions anymore Mum, cos they might hurt someones feelings.

I was shocked that she is already "made" to feel this way at such a young age.

We have turned in to such a politically correct society that we can't express ourselves at all with out fear of being condemned and I find it pathetic. As adults we should be allowed to express feelings without fear of condemnation.  Adults should able to discuss how they feel about "xyz" without being accused of finger pointing.

If a child as much as teases a child in a way typical of childhood behaviour he or she is immediately labelled a bully. I thought a bully beat the dickens out of you and stole your lunch money and did so more than once. He preyed on your and others repeatedly. Nope, not anymore, call a kid skinny minney just one time and bam, off to the principals office you go and you are suspended, and that's if you are going to get off lightly. What is going on? How are kids today going to learn to stand up for themselves? GO to school everyday and you get an award for perfect attendance. WTH, give me a break, you are meant to go to school every day, it's your job.

The other day a college football player made the draft. (in other words he was turning pro). He decided to announce he was gay before being drafted. When he was picked he and his partner had a big celebration complete with a cake. They chose to smear cake on each others faces, something done at weddings over here and lick it off, not usually done at weddings. A pro footballer on the Miami Dolphins tweeted that it was gross. he was fined for his anti-gay comment. Are you kidding me? It was gross, 2 adults licking each other in public....ewww get a room. Why was he fined? Get a freaking grip. It wouldn't have made a difference if it was a man and a woman or a woman and a woman, it was inappropriate. Stop this nonsense.

We have been told now for decades to say what we feel, show our feelings. It's ok, they said to have feelings and show them. Well now it isn't. Make up your minds society cos I for one am very confused and a little annoyed.

I've told my kids that they will get teased and I have given them a couple of one liners to throw back to stop it in it's tracks. They have been teased and they have nipped it in the bud. We haven't run to anyone for help. Now if they were being bullied, really bullied, if someone was laying a hand on them, that would be different.

Man up people. 

It is time to stop defending every little thing and every action. Kids, gays straights, all of us have to learn to defend ourselves. It's a tough world out there and it isn't getting any kinder. 

Allrighty then, I'll crawl back under my rock for a few days.


  1. I am glad that the educated parts of society uses political correctness. It shows respect and considered thought...makes the world a better place. We should make every effort not to offend or upset people by thinking carefully before we speak.
    To some this may seem like a petty argument....but I remember when mentally ill people were called loonies and gays were called queer, black people also had terrible insulting words that people used without thinking....political correctness has made it so people have to show some consideration and respect to these minorities. This slowly makes the world a better place. Long live P.C.

  2. I agree to a degree that it is necessary but it is going to far. we can't say a word anymore without being accused of "hate". I don't necessarily hate merely because I disagree on a stance. Insanity.
    Acceptance is one thing.

  3. Unfortunately it is a far different world from when we grew up. In some ways good & other ways not. I get where you are coming from Dawn & agree that in a lot of ways things are being taken to an extreme.