Thursday, May 15, 2014

more from yesterday

I don't think I clarified myself well yesterday.

I think that we have come along way. I agree with the importance of being sensitive, I truly do. I agree that it is so much better now that we can know longer call people derogatory names and use revolting expressions to classify people. We need to care for all people and not judge them until their actions towards others show us that they deserve to be treated differently.

My point is this, if a person is Asian, black, gay, or a Jewish and happens to do something that I disagree with and I comment on their actions it suddenly becomes their race, or religion that I hate and not their actions. If a white man smacks around his girlfriend, I can guarantee I am going to say something about it. I don't hate all white people because of this man I just don't like this person for what he has done. Can't it be that simple? You can no longer offer an opinion on an action as the whole package is thrown into the spotlight and you obviously hate that particular group and not the persons action. This is what I find so offensive.

I don't hate any group of people, in fact I don't even like the word, hate. What I do find objectionable is ignorance and I believe that when we can no longer offer an opinion, in fear of repercussions, this is ignorance and the whole PC movement has swung to far.

End of discussion.

Moving on.

Soapbox put away.


  1. I love that you are not afraid to speak your mind, even if what you have to say may be deemed unpopular or not PC. You don't need a soap box, you need a microphone! :)