Sunday, May 4, 2014

say what

this was my escape, my hideaway.  I had no idea that when I posted here Blo-gger took it upon themselves to share my posts on google plus. What the heck is that all about. I was unaware of the little tab I was supposed to check that said I didn't not want to share my posts with the world. I'm so frustrated. Now I think that certain folk know about this blog.

insert lots of rude words here (                     )

The first three posts asked me and then apparently it just does it. BALDERDASH.

Did this show up on your google plus feed?

My last post was + d by one person, what does that mean. I'm so mad.


  1. I think only people in your google circle can see it. I am not sure, so don't quote me. The + is like the thumbs up or like sign with facebook. Let me know where you decide to hang out! Kelleyn

  2. Val, on the other blog you show up as Google plus and your name but now your cute little photos is back on this one. Grrr. it is so frustrating. there is a way to show up as only, Always wear your Tiara, just like Kelleyn is showing up as, Likes Chocolate. I used to be, Eggrools and Chopsticks. I'll figure it out.

  3. Oh no. I have no idea how Google plus works at all. Boo. :(

  4. will you keep with this blog? if you move help me to keep in contact.x

  5. colin is the above comment...but did this so as to not have to go into google...i think

  6. Colin, I'm staying. I just a few seconds ago figured out how to make this a bloger blog and not a google one so now I feel so much better.