Monday, November 2, 2015


My seester and Andy Pandy Cotton Candy are here visiting but they arrived and left one day later on a 9 day cruise!! Who does that? They are now back here so all is forgiven. It's funny as I Skype with my sister nearly every day so when she was away I really really missed her and ironically she is here with me.

Yesterday we picked them up at the port and headed North to Palm Beach County to a farmers market that has lots of activities for the kiddies. I have never ever been through a maze and this place had a corn maze. I didn't expect much but it was great fun.

Our little very happy group as we entered the maze
we were all of 2 steps in when certain folk thought they had a better chance of making it through without us, so they left.
crazy hat lady
crazy hat lady under cover
corn husk.
We were in the maze for quite a while and oddly enough we were greeted by those other folk when we made it to the exit. Show offs!

Onwards to the next activity.

Thankfully it wasn't Rosie who pulled the cows boobie off!
water pump duck race
hah, she had no idea I took this.
Funny pipe jungle gym. Really good fun until someone gets hurt. Crazy hat lady
A day at the farmers market just wouldn't be complete without a hay ride. Or pimped up hay ride with not a piece of hay in sight but whatever!
They LOVED this
If Rosie could fir in Crazy Auntie Sally pocket that is where she would be all the time
The cleanest tractor I have ever seen
not sure what happened to Crazy Auntie Sally
Little Pickle
It was really lovely, way too hot but lovely none the less. 
Whatever it was it must have been interesting
We had a really lovely day and I was remindedyet again why I need to move back to England. I adore my family, every last rotten one of them.


  1. Somehow doing a corn maze & tractor ride in shorts & tee shirts doesn't look right to us northerners!

    So happy to see you're having fun with family!

  2. I love time at the farm and I love corn mazes too! What a fun day!!

  3. Hey, I appreciate the comment you left. I was giving it some thought...but discovered overnight that my wife's paranoid schizophrenic ex has recently discovered my blog. He may be crazy, but he's persistent crazy. He's called and left messages indicating he knows my full, real name as well as spelling out our home address. I had to lock down the blog. Sorry