Tuesday, April 21, 2015

someone elses kids

Way back in February the girls had spring picture day at school. Wear something colourful and Springlike said the memo.

As hard as it is to believe the temps dropped for that day and our high was in the 50's. Springlike my ar*e.  So they both layered on as many shirts, boots, jackets and gloves as they could and headed out the door.

I recently received some photos of someone elses kids. These cannot be my children as mine are not that dark particularly in winter. Also the sweater Lily wore was a very very pale cream not almost yellow.

Rosie had her hair in a ponytail but her teacher took it out for the photo~yes, really.

School photos kill me. They are horrendously awful and the colours are always wonky. I can buy a new camera for the price of the pictures but I buy them because I hate to say to the girls, Damn that's a terrible photo of you put it back in the pouch and send it back.

I buy them and then we always have a good laugh. Best shots they are not, milestones they are

My, not so little, girl
even the baby girl is getting big.


  1. The girls are just breathtaking (even if the photos are a little yellowish :D ). I love how they layered in 50ish degree weather!

  2. Believe it or not, those awkward, imperfect school photos are going to be the best memories ever when they look back. We all have them!