Sunday, April 26, 2015


This weekend was a swim meet, the first for Long Course season.

Both girls swam well.

I took a bazillion photos, I never get bored with swim shots.

I played with some of them.

These are my favourites, for various reasons.

She tries so hard.
darn near a perfect start
I love this
always happy to compete
those tiny hands
half of a child, half of a, very crooked child
when you are leading in an event you make the wake. I love the water in this shot
favourite shot
she tore up this event. 
looks like she is bowing
in the zone
ready to flip turn
my little breast stroker
My big breast stroker looks like a sub that is broaching
My little pickle needs a new competition suit. Hers says FFSC and we are not anymore but that is not a reason to get a new suit. It is worn out. She never even grew into it and it is worn out. I ordered her a new one today, in a smaller size. Hopefully this one will fit a bit better. Lily got a new one too but hers is fancy. Ro doesn't need fancy yet. She also wanted a 2 piece for practice but coach doesn't like them so he told her, NO. When Coach speaks Lily listens, she ordered a one piece, cheerfully.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous's almost like you were in the water with them! Hope I won't be watching on the news one day how "over zealous" mother falls into the pool during a swim meet! LOL!

  2. Beautiful, beautiful shots! I love how much your girls love to swim. They are amazing.

  3. All I will say is you take some awesome pics of your kids. Love them all.

  4. gr8 pics.colin.xx

  5. Your pictures are just as awesome as the fantastic swimmers they showcase. Love seeing them fly in and out of the water!