Friday, March 6, 2015

that long, huh?

Poor old abandoned blog.

The last week has been a little nutty, batty, crazy. Lily has been up to her chin in rehearsals for the school play. A play that she didn't sign up to do, in a subject that she chose as her last resort. She doesn't care for drama, ( pardon me as I laugh my head off) and she certainly didn't want to take it as she knew it would/could interfere with swimming.

She was correct on the latter thought and last week her 2 worlds collided and I swear all I did was drive her from one practice with a pissy coach  to the next one. No one ever cares what the other person needs and or thinks.

Thankfully all the madness will end now as her play was last night and Junior Olympics are this weekend. Phew.

She had 2 roles in the Best of Broadway but I couldn't even see her on stage in her first role as the place was jammed and everyone was holding up recording devices to record their kiddos. I had already decided when she got to her monologue in her second role I was walking to the side and standing up to record her.

The quality is very very poor because my camera is in the shop and her act was done in the dark??? WTH.

She  learnt her lines very well and spat them out with an insensity I am glad I don't see here at the house. The Matilda play was for the next grade level but the girl who was chosen to play just couldn't deliver this monologue so Lily was asked to step in and do it. I thought, and it is quite possible that I am pathetically biased, that she did it better than the 8th grader.

She has been staying at school until 7.30 in the evening. Last night she crawled into bed at 10.21 and had to be up at 5.30 to head to her swim meet. She was asleep tonight at 7.30.

I haven't actually watched this, I just got it up here as fast as possible as I promised the Grands I would.


  1. afraid I can't see a

  2. Lily is amazing......multi-talented! Good luck this weekend!

  3. Wow...she is a drama queen. Great job. Wish the camera person had been a little better though!! I was starting to get motion sickness. LOL!!! :) Hope Lily had a good swimming weekend!