Wednesday, February 25, 2015

the other first lady

My girl had a project for school. She bought home a paper stating that they were studying influential women and her person was Hillary Rodham Clinton.

I refuse to do projects for my children. Rosie was shown how to use the computer for research and thrown to the wolves. I did cut the fabric for her as my sewing scissors could take your arm off.

The First Lady

When Rosie was searching Google Images for photos of Hillary she made a comment that cracked me up laughing, she said, Hmmm, there aren't many nice photos, she isn't very pretty. LOL
 I noticed that she printed out the black and white ones which are less harsh.

 Then she worked through her list of questions that have to be answered and wrote her essay.


  1. OMG....those lips! I mean Rosie's not Hilary's(if I meant her I would have said hips!) Well done will "knock-em dead"!

  2. thatwas a heart warming recital.Well done to Rosie.xxcolin

  3. Wow, that was good, not an easy subject. Where did she get her middle name, would be my question???