Thursday, February 19, 2015

almost there

This was a long and tough day. We had no booked tours and no plans at all, until we had to the airport to fly south to Guangzhou. We walked around and took a few back alleys to see things previously hidden from us.WE basically just wished the morning away so that we could get on our way and rumour had it that Guangzhou was about 20 degrees warmer.

Those wires look a little dodgy 
Funky little moped
and another
our hotel
Lily being eaten by a lion at the tea house
And how exactly does one do that?
Clean water is valuable in China, I agree! Must be why it is kept in a cage
OMG, Lilipop is teeny
Finally it was time to take off and get so much closer to the Pickle. The wait of 2+ years was almost over. of course 2+ years is nothing, I have friends who have been waiting for 7. But back then it was a hellishly long time and would have been exactly 36 had we not switched to SN and found Pickle.


  1. No wonder you were cold.....where is your winter coat & hat!!!!!!

  2. I had the complete opposite experience in China! It was July/August and so stinkin' HOT. It was miserable walking through Forbidden City. And I have to say it is amazing to see that much smog in cold temps!!! I wish I had taken more pictures of interesting "things" like you did in China. Love all the translations!