Wednesday, January 7, 2015


The girls and I went to Fairchild Gardens on Sunday because I kept seeing posts from friends on Facebook showing something that I wanted to see. We had hoped to end Christmas break with a bang by heading to the west coast but the bang ended up being right at our front door.

Ever since my first trip to Washington I have loved the artwork of Dale Chihuly and lucky for me Lily loves it too. I wasn't even concerned about Ro as we all know she just tags along with Mama. Turns out she loved it and we had a fabulous day. The botanical gardens are just beautiful and a very serene place to be. Yoko Ono has a wishing tree there and it is covered in little paper wishes, the girls added their own.

Wa Wa's. 
These look like skinny balloons to me and not a favourite but still amazing 
It's a bridge, I love bridges, nuff said
at the end of this corridor is the wishing tree
just loved it
photo cred, Rosie
Photo cred, Rosie
These chairs were ghastly but they caught Rosies eye the second we arrived, it took a couple of hours to find the path that led to them
love the colors
another favourite
reflection captured by Lily.
An aside, I wear prescription sun glasses that are polarized, she was in awe with something in the pond and I couldn't see it. Once I took off my glasses I agreed, it was stunning.
Rosies Boom Boom tree, Bao Bab
The ceiling inside the Chihuly gallery. 
I really don't care for greed but darn, I wanted them all.


  1. Love that pic of you & Lily.... that would look good in canvas. That place is beautiful....I want to go!

  2. Wow, what a beautiful place! I love that pic of you and Lily!