Saturday, August 9, 2014


Miami Beach, vacation destination for people all over the world, does not have waves and does have a thick mass of skanky seaweed. I don't understand why. Actually we do have waves if there is a hurricane a few hundred miles away or closer but then we seem to get really rough surf more than waves and even more skany seaweed. I'm really selling the place huh? Ever since buying those $5 boogie boards for the girls I have been promising them a trip to Sebastian Inlet and some waves.Yesterday was that day. It's not that far, 2.5 hours but for a trip to the beach it's kinda crazy.

The last time we were there was last October with my Sister and Andy but it was cold, to cold for us to venture in to the water. My friend Fliss lives there so I usually meet up with her but she is in Oz so we had just a quite day, an awesome, fun filled, wave-whacking day.
I didn't prep this trip, it was spur of the moment and as we dashed about packing lunch, grabbing swimming cossies and beach toys I kept telling myself to grab the good camera, I FORGOT IT. i was a little miffed at myself for that stellar move.

take the photo already
Lily's smile says it all. WOO HOO
Even Pickle nailed it the first try
I think the word Ro used was, A-W-E-S-O-M-E-
These shots would have been fabby with my real camera.
Lily came in so fast that I just pointed my phone down and took a photo, it came out well.
We also spent time playing  in the sand,
Sand castles.
There is a really nice little gift shop and restaurant at the Inlet so I planned for us to shower off, get dressed and eat there. We walked to the door and it was locked, it shut at 5pm and it was 5.12pm. grrrrr. I had then said we would walk along the jetty and blah blah blah. Didn't happen. At this point I knew we needed to find somewhere to eat. The girlies were starving after 3 hours of boogie boarding.

A friend has asked if we can all go together next week, so we will do it again but this time we will be washed up (or not) but we will be in that restaurant by 5pm.  Then we will be able to walk along the jetty and head off on more adventures.

As we were walking off of the beach to drop off our stuff at the car, we spotted this below us on the boardwalk.
A tortoise. This little guy was hurtling through the underbrush.

Oh and just in case anyone is interested, I did try it and it was fun but I am NOT a fan of gallons of salt water gushing up my nose and burning the inside of my head. Nope, not at all. But you do things that you don't like in the name of fun sometimes.


  1. Looks like so much fun! A perfect beach day (except for the restaurant closing!) :)

  2. Fun day but where were all the people? It looks like the three of you were alone. In August?