Sunday, August 10, 2014

i don't like mess

Nothing makes me get frazzled more than mess and the prize in the frazzled department is any sort of sticky mess. Yesterday it was brutally hot outside so Lily decided she wanted to make some cookies and some others bits and bobs. Nannie had given her a cookery book a few years ago and it has lots of favourite recipes in. I asked her to write a shopping list and and I would take her to get any missing ingredients and she could do it all herself.

 (never ever again~ oh wait I never say never. Darn it!)

Once the ingredients were gathered I tried to stay back, far far back but I couldn't do it. When I cook or bake I clean as I go and I was slowly watching the kitchen disappear under a flurry of flour, icing sugar and other things. I went in for the "clean". Did a quick once over, including the floor and let her continue. Oh my word, every inch of the island was covered, her and Rosie were having a great time. I kept telling myself they were having a great time and doing a great job but holy crap this was awful.

I hate mess. I hate the kitchen getting floury, I do not like it one bit. When I do this I clean as I go, over and over and over. She is normal she trashes the joint and cleans when she is done. I was so far outside my comfort zone that at one point I believe I said, we need to clean up a little before we get rats in here. They ignore my "quirk" and say things  to placate me, Mum, will do it when we are done. Mum, we will not get rats, Mum, please go away. I went away, for a moment to two. I got my camera, I thought it might help. Not so much.

Fruit parfait
I love these and they were mess free.
Rosie squishing raspberries, she loved it
They had a lovely time. Notice the flour, I keep it in a bag so not one grain can escape. 
Iced Raspberry Mousse. 
adding meringue
My nemesis, confetti cookies
and it required sifting icing sugar. Sh*t was everywhere. Hah, see my 409, I couldn't help myself. I stopped them, moved everything and went into clean up mode. 
Confetti cookies. Declared the best cookies ever cos they are English with no junk in them. Their words, not mine. Umm, little ones, all homemade stuff has no junk. 
They did it all, minus the clean up. I took over. I had to. There is probably a twelve step program for me somewhere. Hopefully today won't be quite as hot, if it is I'll be in a straight jacket.



  1. No offense, but you would make a fantastic housekeeper! And you would need meds in my house, lol. By the way, the girls did a fantastic job on the desserts...they look delicious!

  2. I need to send Popster to the rescue! I make the same mess when I cook & he follows along behind me cleaning up!
    BTW those kinda days build wonderful memories!