Tuesday, August 19, 2014

i should have tied them to the bannister

It has happened again. They have gone back to school. Each year this happens and each year I despise it more and more. You'd think by now I would just go with it but I don't. I fight it, inwardly, tooth and nail. I fester, quietly seething as the day grows nearer.

The girls were up bright and early, complaining that summer was over. They were ready to go. Everything was prepared the night before so all they had to do was get up, eat breakfast, and get dressed and ready.

Before I knew it was time to go.

Happy 2nd grader
All smiles....now
Who is this grown up 7th grader?
These pictures shocked me. She is growing up fast. 
I've got you little sis'
Lily painted Paws on her nails, the school emblem.
The first 2 days of school the parents walk the kids in. Rosie has to be in her class first so off we went. She was happy with her teacher assignment, as was I and she also had friends in her class but not her bestie Luka, sad sad sad. All was well but Ro just wouldn't be Ro if she didn't burst into tears. I just looked at her gave her a quick hug, wiped her cheeks and she was fine. Back to smiling. Odd kid this one. Then we whizzed across the school to the upper academy and bumped into every single teacher and stopped to chat before dropping Lily off with her much loved Ms Font. As we entered the building I noticed that there were not any other parents, well perhaps 3. I called Lily aside and pointed it out. She said she didn't care and wanted me to go. Score, she still wants me around.

I clock watched all morning and 3 just didn't come fast enough.

Rosie LOVED 2nd grade. Phew. She really loved it. Probably won't be so when the homework starts to pile up.  This is the first year she has stayed at school until 3pm.

Lily wasn't so quite so enthused. This concerns me. She will be doing a lot of language arts this year and this is not a favourite of hers. She is taking high school math which is fabulous so I know she is happy in that and most of her other subjects are honors classes so the challenge is there. I just hope she finds her "happy" like she did last year. She can't ever get the electives that she wants because she takes high school math so her electives are NOT what she wants at all. One of her favourite teachers bumped into us first thing and promised her he would steal her away if he could so that helped. I think she just needs to find her stride and she will be OK. Last year was such a great year for her and was the first year she was really challenged mentally that i think she is worried it won't happen again. I think she is wrong, this fabulous Principal is on to her.

 Lily will be 13 when this school year wraps up. Actually she will still be 12 she turns 13 the next day and Rosie will be 8. Holy sh*t

Lily in 2nd grade. ( a day when one of my cameras died. Note the green tinge to everything)


  1. I hope both your girls have a fabulous school year!

  2. Its great to see that they like school.My, my, growing up so fast. Send my love and wish them well.

  3. It is amazing to see how much they have grown! Beautiful, lovely girls! Hope they have the best year ever!

  4. OMG can you stand it! That pic of Rosie in a dress!!! She has grown up so much! I love it. Here's to the best school year ever.