Saturday, August 16, 2014


I have so many ideas floating about in my head about how I want my own place to look but this here divorce is one for the record books with regard to the length of time it is taking and I cannot stand this living in limbo. I decided a couple of weeks ago to just go ahead and do a few things.

This week has been, well frankly I think the perfect expression is, "hotter than balls". Too hot for wimpy me to be outside and not a very good idea for the kids either so we set to and did a few.

I had this thing that was on a piece of wood so I removed the thing or the wood, depending which way you look at it and the kiddies added some spray paint and a few words all higgledy piggledy
 and the end result was this.
Painstakingly peeling off letters
Not bad for a first attempt. You can't tell in the photo but 2 of the words are white, the rest are silver
The downstairs loo had a huge plate glass mirror in it that I hated so I removed that shortly after we moved in and replaced it with a fancy one BUT the fancy one was smaller and Rosie couldn't see in it. I found this one stashed behind a piece of furniture, forgotten, so the obvious thing to do was paint it and hang it. Fits by the skin of it's teeth. Now Rosie can see herself. Next up in there the popcorn ceiling, it got forgotten when we reno-ed 9 yrs ago.
Oopsie, excuse the bracelet, we had just got back from rollerskating.
For a long time I have wanted a huge chalkboard painted directly on the wall. The kids have begged and begged ever since I mentioned it. I do NOT like all the crapolo that accumulates with magnets on the fridge and feel that we can ditch half of it, if not all of it, if we write it somewhere else. We now have "information central" on a wall that cannot be missed.
Marking off the area.
caution: perfectionist at work
Why have old clothes if you don't get to wear them? 
Pickle loved this...couldn't believe I was letting her do it. She was giddy.
Framed and broken in!
I love Rosie's first message on "her" side of the blackboard. I love you Mom. 
Yesterday we were driving home when something on a trash pile caught my eye. I have no idea what came over me but I am now the owner of a very very old wooden window, complete with rickety old hardware and hopefully no termites. The possibilities are endless with it. Pinterest danced through my head and I knew I had to have it. It's going to be ages before I can tackle it, and patience is NOT my friend but it is soaked. I have it on the patio drying  but was out today when a storm passed through. Like I said, ages!


  1. The pic of Rosie painting had me giggling. Also so happy someone else picks things up "stuff" from the trash! Pinterest is my vice as well.....have way too many "projects" either in my head or partially started & absolutely no time to finish!

  2. Sorry your divorce is taking so long! I am sure you are so ready to move on ! The project turned out great! Hang in there! It has been crazy hot here to ! I lost it today as I just don't do well in the heat and no one was cooperating. The joys of being a parent!

  3. am sorry also.Good to see such exciting creative activities.Lets see this rickety window...before pic.

    1. you will. I just need it do dry off a bit. yesterday it got a soaking again. duh!

    2. Oh and Col, don't forget I'm talking Miami old not, England old.

    3. modern junk!.cxx

  4. You guys are so crafty! I am horrible, my stuff never looks as good as it does on Pinterest.

  5. Ouch Colin. Not quite junk. Sash windows.

  6. I know this is odd, but it's the first time that I've realised you are a "mom". I had always thought you were a "mum". I think I should go to bed now! Thanks for the photo, looking back at the old one, I think Rosie is actually taller than Lily was at that age, scary! Good luck with your window.

    1. Andie
      Mom here. Lol lily has always been a quarter to a half inch taller than Rosie and always 5 lbs heavier.