Friday, August 22, 2014

from the heart

Yesterday Lily had another writing assignment and much to my surprise it didn't elicit any long drawn out groans. She sat down at the computer and asked me a couple of questions every now and again:

Mum, what words describe me?
She didn't like my answers to this as she said they were not single words.

Mum, What do I want more than anything?
To meet your birthparents.

And then she surprised me, really surprised me.

No, I really don't anymore. If it happens it will be fine but I don't care if I do anymore.

Hmmm, I wonder when that happened and what made it happen? She was slapdab in the middle of an assignment and I wasn't about to stop her then. By the time she was done I was so impressed with everything she had written that her response left my head, until now.

Who is Lily?

Lover of swimming.  No kidding

David Mi****s Granddaughter.........another shocker. second line!  She idolises my father. Just like I did as a child. Only 2 things in my life have ever knocked some of the shine off of that man in fifty years. Hah, she has really good taste.

She wants to fly.    Good to see she is still a kid.

She wants to see her face reflected in the mirror in her old age. Wise old soul this kid.

Her feet planted firmly on the Olympic podium.  She has big goals and dreams.

scared of rejection.  and spiders.  Many of us are.

There was much more that I don't recall and she wouldn't approve of me slapping it here for all to see.
I was impressed that she was truthful. usually she writes a load of old rubbish. Mrs C. must be one heck of a teacher, I know she is a lovely lady.


  1. hit it on the head "wise old soul"!

  2. She is very, very wise. Love her answers. Briana doesn't ask about her birth parents really at all anymore. I got more questions from her when she was younger. I asked B around her birthday if she thought about her birth parents and she said "uh, not really." Definitely a change from a few years ago.