Friday, June 6, 2014


Today Lilipop turned 12. Time passes so quickly and doesn't slow down and allow you to smell the roses along the way so you have to make the time. No one reminds you to step back and take it all in you just have to nudge yourself and say, do it, take a look at them, at your life, enjoy them. I put aside as much time as possible to spend with them. One day they will be grown and out on their own and I don't want to miss a second of the now.

Lily didn't want a big birthday bash, just some cookies with her friends at the pool after practice tonight. She wants to celebrate at home when we arrive with her auntie and uncles and the Grands. Her birthday list has changed from years past, a charm for her Pandora and some nail polish. No toys or games at all. Gasp.

She didn't get the birthday she wanted. She told me this morning her ear was hurting. I stopped dead in my tracks. She doesn't complain. I asked if she had an earache but she said she didn't she just couldn't hear properly. Not a red flag just an amber one at this point. We went out later to get the cookies for swimming and I watched her closely. 6 times she rubbed the side of her face and tugged her ear. As we waited to pay, I rang the peds office and they said bring her in now. When I told her we were going she started to tear up, Mummy it really really hurts, it didn't really hurt but now it does.  Gulp, we have a 9 hour flight tomorrow.

She doesn't have an ear infection, or swimmers ear. Her Eustachian tubes are opening and closing on their own for no apparent reason. This is causing pressure to build up in her ear. It was a tiny bit red, so it is possible she is getting an infection so I have a short course of antibiotics to give her if it gets worse. ALl she wanted to do today was sleep.

Tonight she said, I don't think 12 is going to be a good year, I think I should fast track to 13.
Lets take our chances on 12 baby girl, 13 seems so shocking to me.

Happy birthday to my girl. To the child who is so like me I forget she doesn't share my genes. Lily you keep me on my toes while grounding me all at the same time. You run me ragged and keep me at peace. You know which buttons to push and push them well. You know exactly how to make me laugh,  and how to melt my heart. Kidlet, I love you. You amaze me with your wisdom and your old soul. Stay a leader and show the world exactly what they need to see.
Twelve is going to be OK, just wait and see.


  1. Owie! Poor Lily! Happy Tween Birthday. One more year to 13??? Where did the time go?

  2. Happy birthday beautiful Lily! I hope your ear is better, that your flight is uneventful, and that you have a fabulous time celebrating your birthday abroad with your family!

  3. Happy Birthday to Lilly and So glad you made it home safely. Hope to see more on your trip when you have time.