Friday, June 6, 2014

faster, go faster

nope,  this title has nothing to do with swimming. It is a note to myself. I have to get the Jamaica posts done. The end of school posts done. Lily's birthday post done and then once we arrive in England on Sunday, I can start fresh. Probably not happening Mon!

I think I shall combine the rest of Jamaica into one post as the rest of the trip was the meet. 3pm-9pm Friday.
7am -1.30 pm 3pm 9.30pm Saturday
7.30am noon Sunday
They swam..A LOT.

I was really intrigued to see the pool, I had no idea what to expect, Old Jamaica or New Kingston? Shanty Town or state of the art. Turns out it is the same pool that the coach used to swim in as a wee lad but you really wouldn't know it, it looks better than Miami Dade. The locker rooms were iffy but the pool itself was lovely.
The side of the pool is flush with the ground so it gives the illusion of being bigger than the pools we are used to seeing
I spent a lot of time staring at this scoreboard
From the top of the grandstand 
The mountains behind the pool
This is not something we would see here. Someones bike in the chemical room
Moments before the meet began this hospital bed, complete with IV pole and medic supplies was wheeled in and hidden under the grandstand.
The concession stand. Such a lovely lovely man. He saw lots of mossy bites on Rosies back and gave me ice for them.
This is our sister team, the Flying Fish Ambassadors. Now the kids have t-shirts of the sister team, it's rather nice. We all sat together and cheered each other on. Coaches Sister, Belinda was there, she swam in the 72 Olympics at age 13. What a great inspiration for all the girls and such a lovely lady. She even stopped on the way to the meet on Sunday and bought Ro some snacks, she thinks she is a bit too skinny.
Lily was up first on Friday night and swam the 200IM and came in second in her heat, that was all she needed to get her off to a great start for the weekend. Lily loves to swim next to Sid as she is older, bigger and faster and motivates her like no one else. The fact that she came second was incredible.
Lily swam a couple more before the Pickle got her chance to show Jamaica what she was made of.
ready to take first
We call this, "pick me, Pick Me" her arm is straight up in the air like she is trying to be excused.
Lily was up again for quite a few
Ahh, my favourite candid shot of the meet.
Racing for first.
Sid and Lil getting in the zone
Making friends before their heat. good grief they even stand alike.

Lilys least favourite stroke but she knows she needs times in it so she did it.
Ro held her own and won some hearts. Because she is so small she just grabs attention in the pool and of course she is extremely fast. She has times faster than many 10 yr old boys in a couple of strokes. CRAZY.
Cool as a cucumber
bit blurry, I wasn't quite ready, luckily she was.
waiting for the rest of the swimmers to finish
The volunteer Youth Cadets were working the event and were acting as timers on Saturday, At one point I looked up at Lily who was getting ready to step on the block and this is what I saw!
Interrogation time.
Once the meet was complete I snapped a couple of group photos before we sadi some sad goodbyes.
just the swimmers
swimmers and coach
standing on lane 4 ( fastest lane)
and before we knew it was time to head to the airport and this was my view.......sad sad sad
good bye jamaica


  1. Love the "behind the scene shots"! You captured some great moments,

  2. What awesome memories for the girls! I am so glad you all went and missed a day of school! :)