Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Friday morning was an early start so that we could do some sight seeing before heading off to the official start of the meet. When I say that this trip was non stop action, I am not exaggerating. We met for breakfast at the hotel restaurant and then jumped on our private bus and went touring.

Main Lobby of the Knutsford Court Hotel
The swimmers
Official residence of the Jamaican Prime Minister. None of them ever live here but before Coach Andrew moved to the States he taught the then Prime Ministers kids to swim in the pool there.
View from the top of Beverly Hills
From the top of Beverly Hills we headed back down towards New Kingston so that we could go for lunch. No trip to jamaica would be complete without a quick stop here.
Our bus driver just parked the bus in the street and ran across the road to see if they would let us take a photo next to the statue. Coach said to him: Damian, don't do it if it's a problem to which damian replied, there are no problems in life, just situations. Hah, I love that!
It was apparently a situation cos they wouldn't let us do it, so we drove away. Bob Marley was a peace loving man, he would have gone for it.

Next stop LUNCH. We were headed to the restaurant owned by the fastest man in the world Usain Bolt. It was very very awesome.
Don't they look just so happy? They were, they loved it.
The stance
Her version
I adore this photo
19 people taking the place by storm. 
We had to head back to the hotel after lunch. Everything in Jamaica runs slowly, ie service in restaurants and coach wanted the swimmers to rest so we were out of time. In a couple of hours they had to be at the National Aquatic Centre for the first heats of the Neville Alexander Memorial Heat. Neville Alexander was Coach Andrews Olympic Coach (back in the day...Did I really just say that? LOL)


  1. What a beautiful country. I am so glad your trip had some pleasure mixed in with the business! Love the stances, Rosie totally rocked it! ;)

  2. The girls look like they are just loving life. Especially Rosie under the sign!