Tuesday, June 3, 2014

lets begin

I had no idea what to expect from this trip to Jamaica, none at all, all I knew was that I really didn't want to go. I asked the baby daddy if he was interested in taking the girls but you can all guess how that panned out.

Jamaica is not on my "A" list of places to see, actually it wasn't even on my "Z" list of places to see. Travelling with a group of people who aren't exactly friends, nope that isn't in my comfort zone even a smidgen. I really didn't want to go but this was a huge opportunity for the girls with regard to swimming so I had to put on my big girl panties and pull them up.

We started to arrive at the airport in dribs and drabs and we were all dressed in our travel uniform so we stood out like sore thumbs but oddly enough it was kind of nice to be travelling as a team. The kids were beyond excited and it was rubbing off on me. I have to admit I was thrilled when Lily's bestie and her mum showed up.

They were great friends before this trip but now, inseparable
The team plus one dad, and Coach Andrew
Ready to go.
The flight from here was fast, 90 minutes fast. IN fact the dad pictured above and I barely had time to fill out the necessary paperwork for our kids and the team, it may have had something to do with us mucking about. We entered customs as a group and were in and out lickety split. The first thing I noticed was how polite and friendly everyone was. The second we left the airport my eyes were greeted by mountains. Mountains are my first love, you can keep the beach, me no likey but mountains ♡. That was all it took, polite people and mountains. I had been blindsided. As we drove to our hotel Coach, who is Jamaican, gave us a tour and after a few miles of what I thought was typical Jamaica we left it all behind and started to drive into a very lovely area. Our hotel was beautiful. Our suites were so clean and beautifully appointed. 

Whilst in reception checking in our gang a group of local school kids befriended all our kids and the sweetest exchanges took place. We forget that we live a such a culturally diverse place but not everyone does. As the kids started to make friends they asked to touch the girls hair. The next minute they were all great friends and playing games together.
No difference at all, we are one people.
this took place within minutes.
Could it be that I was really starting to like Jamaica and this trip. When your expectations were as low as mine things can only get better. We headed off to dinner which proved a little challenging for Rosie and I but we managed. The restaurant was lovely but the spices were HOT. I wasn't expecting everything to be spicy. Friday started early with a wake up call at 6am.

 (I spent 5 hours in a court of law today and am tired, drained and bruised (emotionally) I am not checking for typos or anything I am just hitting publish, sorry)
More tomorrow...the fun stuff and tonnes of pics


  1. Sounds like a wonderful beginning....can't wait for more.

  2. Lovely pictures, so glad it went well!! (PS Canada has mountains, I live in a valley surrounded by them. Just saying. Ahem).

  3. It is sounding like an amazing trip already!!! I was in Jamaica for just a few hours when I went on my cruise - but it was beautiful!

    P.S. You need to move to GA. Lots of mountains here. :)